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About me

Why I started this blog? 

 Originally I began on Instagram depicting my personal style back in May 2014  which launched significantly more than I could have ever dreamed. Starting off with my passion for Japanese street style fashion,  I continued to document my various outfits for college. As I matured on the site. I started to receive comments of where I bought my items and how I styled them.  Eventually after reading blogs and combining my own love of writing and fashion. I developed this blog in the effort to showcase my style and help others replicate it. My quirky love for colour, pattern and design has allowed me to work and create with a range of different brands to experiment and document the fashion worlds ever changing trends alongside my own personal style. 

The quirky class vintage is a newer addition to www.katiabyrne.com this function allows my readers the opportunity to buy my vintage items directly from me, alongside current day designers. The Quirky Class name combines the quirky fashion and personality of my own alongside the luxurious sleek feel I aim to achieve from my attire & blog. 

Disclaimer: Every opinion and article I write is my own, sponsored content does not change the opinions and regards of myself. 

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