Summer investment dresses

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Summer investment dresses 

Investing in pieces can mean two things to you. Investing in an item that is more on the pricier end that you will reuse and re-wear for years to come. Or a dress to invest in that no matter what trend flows in and out you have that staple that will not be cast to the clothing heap. I'm here to tell you that right now trends are becoming so oversaturated that if you feel like you can not keep up .. well it's because you can't. No one can. Not even the fashion industry itself. Trends are having a debut for only mere weeks not the usual fashion spring/summer calendar. With tik tok/instagram  forcing trends to take exponential rises in weekly cycles its hard to know which trend is right for you and which to avoid. 

I am a big believer that you can have your own personal style but incorporate trends in it. I will write a post about which trends to avoid like the plague and some that will fade out less rapidly soon. But for now I can tell you keeping a few types of dresses that are more of a timeless keepsake than a rapid fire castaway

Personally a slip dress is one that never fades out in my opinion it can be layered year on year and e transformed with what ever the latest in or out is. The 90's slip can be used on its own or a more 50's/60's sleep wear dress is a perfect example of updating an older vintage piece.  

My investment dress picks!

The evening dress. This is a difficult one, with different shapes and cuts it can be one that can be quite evident that is not as versatile as it was at the time. I find a simple body con dress red or black is the easiest and sleekest item to dress up. Opting for a more classic cut and shape can once again be transformed with newer update wear. 

 A tea dress or summer dress. The classic 40's tea dress has been remodelled and transformed throughtout the decads. This spin on it, has 60's bell sleeves and a satin solk finish. A bold colour and a n interesting but still timeless cut. What do you opt for timeless pieces or n trend dresses? 

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