Styling waistcoats & where to buy

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Styling waistcoats & where to buy 

A comment that has been made to me quite a few times is "I love your waistcoats but I wouldn't know how to style them". Or Katy... I like them but aren't they a bit fancy for everyday use. Firstly, anything is and can be used everyday and waistcoat is one that should not be undermined. 

Type of waistcoat 

Many of my current collection of waistcoats are linen, polyester, silk and suede. 
The suede waistcoat style is perfect for replicating a 70's look, another great material for a retro inspired outfit is crochet. Crochet is an up and coming trend for summer/spring 2021 and enhances the look of a colour blocked or even patterned outfit.

I prefer to button up the linen and polyester waistcoats and add a block colour blouse underneath as the emphasis of the outfit is really the waistcoat on the top half of the body. However with the suede waistcoat I prefer a more busy patterned long sleeve blouse or dress. Finding a good suede waistcoat isn't all that difficult either, theres some really lovely real suede on ebay for really reasonable prices.


 Layers and bottom half 

To layer or not to layer that is the question. Adding a leather jacket to the outfit can really modernise the look. When people think waistcoat they may imagine victorian era male, or 60s mod. Although I love going full on mod I understand thats not everyones preference and therefore adding a detail that has both a retro and modern twist can really 'trend' up your outfit.I have paired the below styles with different types of plaid or tennis skirt.

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