Styling the 70s

Wednesday, 5 May 2021


Styling the 70's 

The seventies is big this year from the hair to the makeup even down to the bold jazzy patterns. As someone who has collected 70's clothing for over 6 years it has been interesting to walk into high street stores and my taste I suppose catered for. Some patterns and fits I have to admit I am not a fan of. In fact I have hated seeing some oversaturated content. You know the type. There has been this particular swirly patterned green dress that has haunted my fyp page on tiktok for months and the day that isn't 'in' anymore will be a happy one. But I digress. I guess for the new aficionados of the 70's style I guess i could give you some style inspirations.

It is about the patterns but its also about accessories 

So you like the style but you're not ready to raid your parents closet for your dad's funky shirts. That's okay. Jazzy patterns are in. Hell they're always in for me. But a 70's accessory can amplify your look just as much as a in your face shirt ever could. Think wood, crochet and knitted fabrics. This grandma type bag is my new favourite type of bag. Tapestry was really big in that era and woven materials are a great way to add a little bit of that decade to your wardrobe. 

Outerwear & Boots 

Yes, its summer but lets be real its a British summer so we need to think outerwear. You know that double denim most often associated with the 80's? Well it was pretty big in the 70's too. Dagger collar top underneath or mock neck top and a matching denim skirt and you have an easy go to outfit. Leather jackets in fitted crop fits or boxy vintage jackets match really well. You can find these type of jackets pretty much anywhere so don't feel the need to rush out and get a new one. Boots are super easy for this decade. Leather or suede. A comfortable but higher heel pairs well

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