Replicating sixties knitwear on the highstreet

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Replicating sixties Knitwear on the Highstreet 

I have a bunch of knitwear and many are original vintage pieces I have sourced over the years but recently I have set myself the challenge to style a few sixties looks, only buying 3-4 new highstreet umpers for the whole of winter. Yes I know that can sound difficult but with consumption higher then ever. i'd really like oto cut down on useless over consumption of items that basically are the same. Yes I am a sucker of buying a similar item in every colour way. 

Our friend the mock neck jumper will be featuring heavily today, because it really is the simplest and cost effective way to look retro and somewhat chic. A put together look within 2 mins. These mock neck tops come in and out every year but this year I have managed to find some real vibrant colours that I hope I can interchange for years to come. Heres my top sixties jumper pics this month! and how I have styled some of my own.


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