How I'm styling 2020 fall trends right now

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

How I'm styling 2020 fall trends right now 

Fall/ Autumn seems nearly everybody’s favourite time of year and whether its for the basic girl leaves falling, hot chocolate sipping or scarf wearing aesthetic or not. I for one like to embrace the yearly tradition of upping my style. This year we’ve seen a lot of trends, many of which I’ve passed by… I’m looking at you bucket hat trend. I like intertwining a trend with my own niche so without further a do here’s a few I haven’t overlooked this season.

Preppy. We’re talking plaid skirts, v neck jumpers and anything sort of back to school. Let’s forget I’m 22.  

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This is also inclusive of the check print; I’ve seen a lot of Burberry mock prints going about. A sort of British academia looks to it. I’ve paired this with a vintage suede skirt and suede black boots.

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The aviator coat is a trend that has been in and out of fashion I would say for the past 5 years and something I’ve managed to avoid until this year. I love this brown fur style jacket, not only is cosy it goes well with a lot of my patterned outfits.


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The corset trends I’ve seen heavily on tik tok within the past few months I would say and it was the first 2020 trend I actually fell in love with. This black one has been a firm favourite for so many of my outfits for the past couple weeks.  
I paired it with a mock leather burgundy skirt and some thigh high socks.  


The leather jacket is a firm staple in any of a wardrobe and the blazer if you’re a regular here you will know is a firm staple in mine. Combining these two is another trend of this year. It really does elevate even the most standard outfits to a put together realm.


My leather jacket is vintage but here is a similar

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