Halloween costumes that can be used again as outfits

Monday, 26 October 2020

Halloween costumes that can be used again as outfits 

There is a lot of talk about how Halloween is over. There’s no point this year and maybe in some senses that might be true. A full on Halloween rave might be out the window but that’s not to say an outfit isn’t necessary. Queen of OTT here likes to make a statement and whether I’m inside carving pumpkins or watching films in some god knows tier system lockdown. Or my outfit is merely ‘for the gram’. I will do Halloween in style. This year I looked for a costume I suppose as an investment and not something gimmicky.


Whether you see Jessica Rabbit, the gold dogging fish from shark tale or as tik tok keeps informing me… Fallon Carrington from dynasty. This outfit is most definitely an investment piece for a time when parties are a thing again.

This years look 

Red sparkly dress 

Okay... So I will admit this is on the fancier end of the reuse scale. But either way rocking up in this to a Christmas do would not go amiss, and doesn't strike me as 'costume'. 

Click the image to shop the dress : 

If this sparkly affair is not up your street, here are a few outfits that can turned into costumes and easily worn after halloween. From dresses to be jazzed up with a hat or cape or merely just embracing the dark spooky tones.  Shop the looks below. 

Other costume ideas 

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