Styling the 1960's with high street outfits

Sunday, 16 August 2020

How to style the 1960's on the high street 

I'm a big lover of vintage fashion and rummaging through the rails but I'll be honest sometimes I get to that vintage shop I've been in a thousand times and they all know my face at... and find nothing. It isn't always a gold mine and the era that lacks of the shelves a lot is the 1960s.


So can you style the 1960s from the high street. The answer is yes. And I will tell you how I do it.





I like to find the basics first. The 1960's was well known for the turtle neck jumpers paired with a mini skirt look. This particular mini skirt was an eBay vintage find. But the polar neck is a high-street piece. Basics like this can be found anywhere and can be layered with a pinafore dress.


The headband is another notorious look of the 1960’s and thankfully have been a trend the past couple of months of lockdown, meaning… yep they are on sale now too. Think, black, red and yellows. Velvet is another great fabric to incorporate.





The most common colours that can be layered and found easily to replicate the 60’s style is red, brown and black. A vibrant red boot or red belted jacket can add a pop of colour to a somewhat boring outfit, and with a headband and patent boot is an easy highstreet find.




Sometimes it really is in the footwear


A white or black patent boot can actually go a long way in recreating this style and they are also another item relatively easy to pick up. Try and find a patent boot with a middle zip, or a ring zip. A white chunky mid thigh boot is great for replicating the go go boot style and I DO believe is starting to become more accessible for winter 2020.


Below I’ve linked some 1960’s high street finds

Just (Click here) and shop my top picks


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