Outfit links from the gram: January - February

Monday, 15 June 2020

So... Long time no see. I've been much more active on instagram than over on this blog and I think that is relatable to not only most bloggers but most people these days. There is no point me writing into thin air or doing extensive long winded articles on a pair of shoes. We are in 2020 and times have changed, people want quick posts and links. Yes. I know you just want to know where I got the items from and not read a long list of every adjective I can muster in 500-1000 words.
So here it is. I will update each post every time I upload a new instagram post. But the pictures here will be archived by month. So keep checking back on the latest posts and if I've missed anything out don't hesitate to contact.
If I couldn't find the exact item I am wearing, I have chosen  alternative options which are similar

Exact dress: Hello molly 

Similar Jacket : Original vintage
 Similar denim igloo coat (Shop here) Original vintage 

Exact waistcoat: (Shop here) I'm wearing a size 8 
Exact skirt (Shop here) I'm wearing a size 6 
Exact dress ( Shop here) I would size down in this one
I'm wearing size s should have gone for XS

Shop the exact dress size S (Shop here)  

Shop the exact blouse (Shop here)
Shop a similar skirt - original vintage (Shop here)  

Shop the exact dress (Shop here) wearing a size 6 

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