The Quirky Class Launch - What have I learnt about shopping/buying sustainably?

Thursday, 2 January 2020

Hi, and welcome to the corner of the internet that I have inhabited for nearly 5 years now. But have had an on/off relationship with for the past year. As the title suggests I have just set up a small shop. From today actually, but it hasn't been smooth sailing.  

So why have I wrote an article on starting, A small business. A portfolio? What ever you want to call it. Well, I want to document the highs and lows. The start ups and the start offs. I want to admit to you. It was really difficult. Last year I committed my website to becoming more eco friendly and conscious. But it was really difficult, and this is something bloggers, influencers what not, do no talk about. I turned down masses of PR and at times felt as if I was doing the wrong thing. What I actually found ... was that I was nearing to finding clothing that fit my style, by creating it. Not only did I become more creative but it allowed me to actually have a sustainable outfit that wasn't just a 'charity shop find'. Something I struggled with as a blogger was sifting and finding on a consistent basis interesting clothing that wasn't just a 2009 Topshop off cast. I’ve be wearing vintage fashion since 16 and 5 years on at 21. I’ve accumulated a mass of second hand clothes. But I’d also fell in the trap of being a “influencer” and therefore have my own wardrobe of fast fashion hell. I still from time to time save up for pieces that I really love and I think that should be okay to say. It is hard. That isn't your fault. It's the big cooperations. I do like to read other's stories or youtube videos on how they source their clothing, watching and even partaking in my own rummage through the rails is really fun and a great passtime for myself. (Retail therapy, ha!) But I really noticed the lack of interesting pieces, and many of these 'great finds' were dependent on your area. 


It struck me in this 7 month journey that maybe I did like the feeling of the new. I did like ripping a parcel open and an item being just mine. Maybe I was part of the problem. So here I am. On the 2nd January 2020. Telling you what I found is maybe that newness can come about from rejuvenating creativity and shopping again. Reviving it and bringing it new life it needed. Whether you take away from this ramble that I started a shop, if you like my designs or not. You can deduct that with a little bit of creativity you can make something 'new'. You can make something just yours. Even if you haven't got a creative bone in your body there are fabulous independent and small shops out there making a change. Knowing where your garment came from is half the battle but finding one that suits your style is a struggle too.

Sustainability & fast fashion are such predominant topics in the lives of the fashion conscious in 2020. It only felt right to give that I gave a 2020 vision to a passion that I’ve been harbouring a while.Whilst meeting the need for clothing that changes minds of what sustainable is. Including my own. I’ve never created something that I feel is more “me”. Every item is hand picked and designed with a theme to the best quality I can. Repurposing and producing a creative story to each item of clothing & helping pave the way to sustainability in this ever fashion conscious world. 


I’ve found myself lost on my gap year not knowing what or where I want to be. 

My style has always been the consistent in my life, as silly as that sounds. My style defines who I am. And putting a label on that was more difficult than it first seemed. I’m most often told I’m “quirky” whether people use that in a positive or negative way, I’ve learnt to spin only the positives. Class,? Well I feel although my outfits can be some what childish at times with colour or the Leniency to pastels. My vintage twist always remains classy and classic. Timeless pieces but with a twist. Being able to practice my passion for art before my MA I hope will aid me too.

So here it is. The quirky Class. Up and running. And here I am. Saying hello 2020. Whatever you bring. I’m really happy to be starting off not only with a new venture. But a new passion for writing again.


I hope you join myself on this venture and check out my socials

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