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Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Abandoned was my first thought when I came back to this website. So many of my blog posts were early 2018 and only one recent to this year. The reason behind this was I was quite lost on identity seen in an early most about why I regret being an influencer.  Personally this has not been my best years, but I have learnt a lot through it. I had such a love for blogging when I started over 5 years go & it slowly dwindled as I made my way through university and my literature course deflated any sense of love for writing. I'm not going to make promises on consistency, and in 2019 nearly a new decade of 2020. I don't think I need to. In 5 years the emphasis on blogs has changed and even if readership is lower, I still want to carry on. Maybe more than ever... I have grown in a year and I am more committed to new things. One of which I would like to let the internet in on. 

Welcome to The Quirky Class 

My up-cycled & illustrated shop 
I'd like to show you a few of my items I'm listing and tell you a little about it. I'm currently listing a few samples of my design which are available to buy on depop here.  I'm working on a full line to launch late December early January. I hope people really like my style. I'm focusing on the quirky patterns that I wish were on my own clothing & classic designs to up cycle garments. Sustainability is key in 2019 & I hope I can add to the consumers ethical journey. My products will be packaged in recycled paper or eco bags as well to aid that journey.

 I developed the quirky class brand to encompass cute, classic and quirky one of kind designs. Here are a few of my sample pieces. Each can be bought on depop. However we will be expanding to etsy & our own website shortly.

 Here is one of my favourite designs yet. Its the maid dress jacket which currently runs as a small. I love everything from the gold buttons to the double collar. I hope this can attain a new loving home.

 My full launch will hopefully be predominately focusing on jumper, jackets and berets. But I also have a few skirt designs in mind. I would appreciate any feedback and a follow on our instagram. 

To view more of my designs or keep update on releases. Please follow my social media.

Instagram & depop @thequirkyclass

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