Why I reject being a social media influencer?

Sunday, 16 June 2019

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Where is the Quirky Class going? And where have I been?

Why I do not want to be a social media influencer 

Right. I have been MIA for some time. IN fact pretty much a year, and I am going to be straight with you all. I lost my passion, I lost my passion for writing and blogging and general busyness of life was manoeuvring in the way. It is one year on since I was really stuck into this when I realised maybe it was the content I was churning out into the world that was the problem. My slump lasted a year but I am really grateful as I have realised that the 'influencer life' wasn't for me. I do not want to be associated with being a social media influencer anymore. Despite having a small following on Instagram and readership, I do not want to be connoted with that term any longer. I reject it.

But why?

Influencer as a tainted name 

Working with brands is something I love. But producing content as an influencer is not. Scripted lines and products that are sub par are not what I have ever wanted any of my feed or blog to be about. Although I have turned down these 'opportunities' the inundated emails began to make me restless. 'Hey we love your feed' and 'Hey we will gift you this if you do xyz'. I felt like the period I was allowed to try these products was not long enough, I have also felt that any brand who has stipulated terms of what to say is not providing a beneficial service to their customers.

The term influencer is tainted. In my mind an influencer is usually a woman who has a mass following, has usually a tan, makeup done all the time, goes to the gym and posts images of her on the beach. I do not fit. I was at first proud to have made it to the term 'influencer' I actually have a following in which people might be influenced by what I have to say? Wow.

But it soon became a tainted notion in my mind that I didn't want to be associated with, I didn't want to tell people I had an instagram anymore for the fear I represented a 'boo tea' mania.

Sickened by brands ethos's

I was tired of brands approaching me who were generic fast fashion, who hadn't read my blog and had not researched my demographic. I tired from certain brands approaching me that were irrelevant, one of my funniest pr emails was from a lawnmower company and another offering me a bed. Now I do not berate anyone who blogs about lifestyle, what bed they're using or gardening techniques. It is each to your own. I am more angered at a brand who is willing to 'gift' an item but not take the time to understand their market. 

A disgusting habit of my junk brand emails were dieting companies, selecting girls of below average or average weight to pretend they had taken a tea or supplement to promote weight loss. No trial needed, no product given. I have and would never try a product alike to this, but every email I received would sicken me. Understanding that I am not the only 'influencer' woman who has been sent this email and fearing for those who will see these posts and buy into the scam. 

My style changed 

I have always been into vintage fashion and my original blogs ethos was combining retro/ vintage looks with high street style. Best of both worlds kind of deal. Sourcing, tips and look-books. I enjoyed what I did but I soon felt the pressure to not always dress in a style I preferred. To succumb or buy what could look good for the gram. I really like curated feeds and I know many do not, but it really is an art. I have always envied those who can create such beautiful Instagram images  as mine have not really felt relevant for some time. 

So where am I taking the Quirky class blog 

I am taking it back. I am gaining control and I am renouncing the title of influencer. My blog from June 2019 is becoming a more interesting place to me and hopefully you.  I do not reject working with brands, infact I am opening up my blog to brands, those I believe in, those i'm interested in and ones where I love what I'm putting out to the world. That is my ethos, vintage clothes, finding the best items as well as just developing my own style and a whole lot more.

I dislike where my blog was, and In renouncing my title as an influencer ...I hope to regain a title of blogger. I want to learn and what better way to segway into the fact  that I have finished my dissertation. My 'Gap yah' minus the floaty pants is just commencing and I hope sincerely that I will contribute more than I have in previous years. Let's enjoy this together

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