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Thursday, 24 May 2018

I wore a polka dress | Zaful try on

I wore a Polka dot dress 

I feel like I can't get blunter than that. Recently I just have been this blunt about everything and when it's come to this blog I haven't really wanted to write or articulate anything. 
Heres what I'm wearing... go buy it. I love clothes and I like to find where other people get them. But the problem I have is supply and demand of this. I buy clothes often sometimes every day but I don't always buy clothes that people can get... I buy vintage. I find this really hard to then blog about because I can give no links. I like shooting photos and showing you my style but instead of trying to find clothes that are on trend or fashionable. I'm just going to do me. 

I'd like to take this blog in a different direction soon, by showing you what I make, how to find the best vintage and how to find vintage-inspired looks from the high street. I think with time I've got lost over the last couple of months. But I'm back and I really want to try harder with this. So here we are an online store dress you CAN Buy and its got a lil retro twist.

 I'm Katy Alicia and I wore a Dotty dress.

V Neck Polka Dot Ruffle Hem Dress


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