The 70s patterned bodycon | Forever 21 Sale

Sunday, 1 April 2018

The 70s patterned bodycon | Forever 21 

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Hello! Long time no see, or long time no type would be correct. I have been busy, incredibly busy hence no photos or any sort of consistent content (Sorry). However, I am back but not fully I will be attempting to get outfits up but bear with me as I have exams and deadlines and all that fun stuff. Haha, kill me. ANYHOO! I am styling next to a very uninspiring wall my outfit of Easter Sunday. A very 70's look and quite frankly I love t. This year one of my resolutions is to buy more vintage and more vintage-inspired products and for only £7. Yes 7, and for that price, I could afford all of a lot more on forever 21! COMING SOON!
This one of those pieces you can't style wrong it's a day dress, a nightdress and doesn't require anything else. I am pictured with barb glasses here. #RIPBARB but apart from that, I'm flying solo on a style point of view. I've found some other pretty cool stuff on the sale too which I'll link below as some sort of Katy's highlight reel.

p.s: I'm uodating my depop with loads of stuff tonight so go go go MY Depop is

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