Quirky bows and big collars | Fully Thrifted

Friday, 13 April 2018

Quirky bows and pea coats | Fully Thrifted 

I have never felt more like an anime girl than I do right now, bows on everything by now you should know is my thing. But a big collar too, I haven't had anything like this for quite a while and although I debated this vintage piece mulling it over in the shop for a couple of minutes. I took the chance and I love it. 
It's like nothing I've ever had and something no one else does. I'm once again reviving the fully thrifted blog posts because I fully support buying vintage. If you're new and are not familiar with fully thrifted it's basically an entire outfit of vintage items, or with one or two that you can buy. To demonstrate how easy it is to pair a vintage look with the mix of the new and old. A lot of my items are vintage, as well as highstreet I like to mix the styles. Uniqueness is always on my mind when buying vintage, sorting through the tat and finding the gems. That's what I live for. 
The only item that is not vintage is the adorable boots you can find similar here
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  1. I love love love the outfit! and I love thrifting!!
    I have a post about one of my best thrift finds, you can check it out on my blog!

  2. Cool images and I really love that outfit so much.


  3. You are so cute. and looking hot in this dress
    Manali Shimla