An 80's flair | Bold patterns

Monday, 9 April 2018

An 80's flair | Bold patterns 

The 80's is one of the eras that was great for music but clothes ... not so much. But despite this preconception, I've held for many years I've decided that I will in fact and well... have tried an 80's inspired look. SLIGHTLY! I love the use of colours from yester years but the 80's really brought some cool and funky patterns. I'm not a fan of shoulder pads or those awful bum bags that are zooming around the high street right now. But a colourful pattern that helps me live my Crayola dreams, yes I can get behind that.

SO here it is:
A rundown 

Sadly the jacket is no longer available but it's from Monki I've attached some similar colourful jackets below!
Two of these are from Monki I'm wearing a size XS and it's very roomy/ oversized 
Click the image to shop 
The skirt is vintage Topshop but I have found the similar ones to replicate the look 
My bag can be bought from my depop here: 

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