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Monday, 5 February 2018

The Valentines Edit

The Valentines Edit 

Valentine's day is fast approaching in less than a week actually now and I'm sure the funnel of Red and pink content will fill your feed's. Some, really hate the over-commercialisation of valentines or Christmas, others will just get sick and tired of seeing a blogger prance across a road with a heart shaped bag. I'm completely the same, in fact, although being a blogger myself I 100% see the cliches. I'd like to say I keep well away but that just isn't true. But the fact is I do get tired, but I really do like holiday content. I'm currently following over 300 accounts on Instagram whittling down a handful of friends most are fashion accounts. Do NOT get me started on the Instagram algorithm (come on Instagram what are you doing?) It's like hashtags do not even work anymore and I do not want to see three brand posts on the top of my feed. Mini rant over, I love to see holiday content because although people copy each other and so on. Creativity is out there and even though my post or spin might not be original. I had a fun time shooting it and I love celebrating a holiday despite it being cheesy or in your face.  So here I am flaunting one hell of a red poofy dress, for an evening or occasion look not just for valentines but whenever you want to be a powerful woman in red. (Just maybe not down the office in this one you know) 
This dress is from ASOS Premium and is in fact in the sale! I'm not sure if I'm just stupid but I had to look at the model to see how this dress tied as I completely got it wrong the first two attempts. The open back is a new one for me and I like how it isn't a heavy dress it's rather light. 
(Click the link to shop the item)

The dress is made out of lightweight tulle and a fine netting above. It reminds me of a 50's prom dress in a way and is certainly extravagant for a price tag now under £30. The dress is actually fast selling out as well, I myself am guilty of buying something I wouldn't usually wear in the ASOS sale.  Honestly, this dress is one, but I even though it's not one I can wear every day, I really like knowing I have a dress like this in my wardrobe. 
I talked about what makeup I use for every day over on Instagram the other day, the post is here. Today I have those two products but I am also using the Estee Lauder Pure colour envy lipstick. As well as the Urban Decay Naked palette. The Two brown ones and the grey. (NO I'm no makeup blogger I just know the looks of the colours).  

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