The Sequin Evening Dress | 3 of the best Evening dresses

Friday, 23 February 2018

The Sequin Evening Dress  | 3 of the Best Evening Dresses 

I have never been the girl into the sparkles and glitter vibe and every year when New years rolls around I just feel dissatisfied and bored with the amount that is hanging on the rails & popping up online. But by the time the New year sparkle and optimism has left, so are these dresses. Cast to the back of the wardrobe, I think I have bought a sparkly style dress once in the 20 years of being on this planet. I can safely say this isn't a 'me' dress but yet I really like it. Now I am not going to preach about how I will keep hold of this dress for generations to come as evening dresses we all tend to wear for one event and never again. Or keep a few selected and re-wear in a different year. I have far too many clothes and nowhere to store so I've decided to sell this one on my depop here. 

However, there are three styles of evening dresses that I have on my wishlist right now so here are my top picks for February. 

I really adore a floral pattern and that always stretches to evening dresses, this bodycon dress is from Karen Millen and is selling out incredibly fast so I so I'd check that one out quickly. If you save the page though they will hopefully restock sizes.

At only £32 this is a really affordable evening dress price, simple and sleek. The pink is just gorgeous and definitely on my list to buy next.  The intricate detailing is very good for Lipsy London who I find usually apply the same patterns to their dresses. The cutwork on this dress really stands out despite the pastel colour and the shape is not too short or too long. 

I always go for shorter evening dresses but this lovely one is on my wishlist so I can experiment with some different styles.  I'm not entirely sure I  have anywhere to go in it but that probably wouldn't stop me buying it. The ruffle bottom and round neck remind me of a retro vintage style 50's dress. Nipped in waist and the big skirt is the epitome of class to me.  Which insinuates another purchase. God help my bank account.  At a £105 it is on the more pricey scale than the last two but I wholeheartedly believe you can't scrimp on occasion.

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