LFW Outfit day 4: Organza Mac coat | How I style the see through trend?

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

LFW Outfit day 4: Organza Mac coat | How I style the see-through trend?

London fashion week day 4 was incredibly rainy, good old British weather raising its ugly head. So what does Katy do, she wears the most ridiculous material for rain. Organza, It wasn't warm, it wasn't practical and probably an awful idea. But do you know what I felt like an ethereal princess, I'm not entirely sure why an opaque purple organza made me feel so damn good but it did. This might be one of my most stand out pieces ever seen on my blog, its simple and elegant yet a stunner. 

 The see-through trend has been everywhere recently in the form of plastic extensively. I have to admit I'm not a big fan of the whole plastic coat look, it's been done before again and again and it just tends to look cheap and unflattering.  I think this material is the best alternative, to still keep on trend but achieve a more classy visage

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