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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Preppy Checked cardigan | Preparing for spring

Preppy Checked cardigan | Preparing for spring  

Hello! My all new blog look is here and so is a new mindset and some exciting things coming up this year. January is the month I swap, throw or move my winter wardrobe into two sections stuff I immediately need and I begin to buy in new or vintage for spring.
Spring 2018 I'm stepping up my blog game and I'm excited about the content to come, my outfit today is that weird transition time where its' a mix of old and new.

January is also the time of back to university for me and I seem to be playing to the preppy stereotype once again with a checkered urban outfitter's vintage cardigan. I found this piece and loved that it was a mix of blazer and cardigan. For the older garments, I have this mustard skirt that has featured as a staple on this blog over winter. I went on a complete splurge for mainly tights and socks over the holiday sales, I think adding an extra element to an outfit will force my attire to be even more striking than usual. 
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My top preppy picks for January click the image to shop the item 

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