Blogmas #8: Styling Faux Fur

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Blogmas # 8: Styling Faux Fur 

No makeup day and an outfit I wished I had at least added a scarf too. It is absolutely freezing up in the north but that doesn't seem to phase my daily outfit posts. Stick a beret on and seemingly I am good to go, today I am styling faux fur. A faux fur bag and cardigan in fact so double faux fur, which I might have felt squeamish about wearing a year or two ago together. But in this moment; I'm thinking this it goes pretty damn well.

Pale Pink Faux Fur Across Body Bag (160102) | £18Glamorous Grey Wool Beret
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There has been a big debate in the last couple of months of bloggers and celebrities advocating real fur. For me, I can't say I wear the style a great deal but faux fur is always the way to go. I can understand real fur on vintage pieces however when searching for pieces it's not always a prevalent thought upon my mind. With shopping vintage more often I should probably look into this more often.

The dress I'm wearing is a beautiful vintage piece, the collar is so unique to what I see in current trends, the length, however, is a slight problem. 

Let me know your thoughts on this outfit!

See you tomorrow!

Katy Alicia 

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