Blogmas #5 Red velvet peplum top - The 5 best velvet tops this Christmas?

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Blogmas #5 Red velvet peplum top 

The tree is up and decorations out on day five, the tree took three hours and a mass of dangled lights which seemed to end up all over me, the tree, the step ladder and the other side of the room. A classic red and gold theme lines the tree with an extra ornament addition to the tree being added shortly. I do like to buy at least one new decoration every year and this time it's quirky. 
I'd like to talk about velvet today and the 5 best ones out there at all different price ranges, I love this pinky red colour its strikes me as festive but not out of place any other time of year. 

The first velvet top on the highstreet lower end is this ASOS cami top, not as overpowering as the one I'm wearing whilst hinting at the trend. Coming in at £14.00 it's the cheapest quality velvet top at the moment. 
 ASOS Cami in Velvet with Mesh Hem Detail and Square Neck - Dark red
I would personally style this cami top with a black thin ribbed jumper and a high waisted skirt and baker boy hat for a casual chic look.

Outfit option
:ASOS Mini Rib Bodycon Dress with Polo Neck - BlackShein Wool Blend Newsboy Hat(one-size)
 The second option at £25.00 is the Jame Norman berry wrap top, I think this is a winner for me due to the long sleeves and hitched peplum waist, similar to the one I am currently wearing. The problem with the front of these tops is the chest area, if you have a bigger chest although it will emphasis this, the plunge aspect can be too much. A small stitch or bobby pin can do the trick but if you don't want the hassle these tops aren't for you.  
 The third option is the forever 21 long layered sleeve top, similar to the Jane norman one in plunge capacity this one offers a more detailed element. This top is more for occasion wear with the ruffled sleeves and long sash posing for an interesting elegant evening attire, I believe at  £35.00 this is the midway top that appears more expensive than it is.
Velvet Pickup Sleeve Wrap Top

Next is a going out plunge crop top, I think this piece is pretty self-explanatory however I'd pose the fact it doesn't just have the potential for a one wear night out outfit. It can be reused with the black jumper underneath combo. It really transforms a look and with an additional belt between the skirt can wonders. 
Velvet Crop Top

The fifth and final would be at the more higher end of the designer spectrum if you are willing to pay £750 (ouch...) You could be the lucky owner of this exquisite Rowland Mouret top. The merely top screams expense, but with a defined shape it would not be easily replicated from the high street. (Something I desperately hate)

Let me know what you think!

See you tomorrow.

Katy Alicia 

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  1. Velvet top in a dark colour like burgundy or chocolate seems to be very Christmassy :)