Blogmas #12: Styling a winter pea coat

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

 Blogmas #12: Styling a winter pea coat 

Hello! Welcome to day 12 of blogmas with a very hectic moi! I have an exam in two days... yikes but still I find myself being busy as a bee (I'm not sure I even like that saying?) getting everything but exam prep done. I'm getting my hair coloured tomorrow so look forward to that post, either really loving it (Mcdonald's theme tune accidentally arose in the noggin then) or hatin' it - doesn't quite have the same ring, does it? Anyhoo!

Today really is super casual I haven't worn this coat in what feels like forever it's incredibly thick and unfortunately one size big than I needed. I do like the fur around the coat hood though, incredibly Christmassy despite the lack of snow here a the moment. I'd just like to clarify that these are grey tights not white. The dress is a pleated pinafore seen in an earlier post this year here.

The best Pea coats this season AW17 at a variety of different prices:
Slide View: 1: Gillian Pea Coat, NavyIsabel Marant Eley coatRed pea coat
See you tomorrow
Katy Alicia 

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