Blogmas #1: Dungaree Dress

Thursday, 30 November 2017

25 outfits of Christmas
Blogmas day #1 Dungaree dress 

It is December 1st and I can finally allow myself to get 'Christmassy' whether that be cracking out the tinsel and cover the entirety of my body or mercifully rerunning elf. Whatever I'm doing from this point on it's going to feel celebratory. I must admit I have never participated in a blogmas before and the thought process of what I would actually do, it didn't span long. I've seen in previous years bloggers writing up posts on what to buy people etc. But honestly I have no clue, I'm the sort of person that struggles myself with gifts. However. I can attempt to put my own spin on blogmas and show you the 25 outfits of Christmas. It still retain's a Christmassy element but I don't pertain I'm a Christmas wizard who can magic up the knowledge others have. 
I've got some lovely outfits to show you so I'm very excited for it. 

A dungaree dress kind of makes me feel artier than it should do, the dress and the beret combo accidentally makes me feel like I'm spoofing an artist. I can assure you this was not the case.
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I'm wearing a size xs which probably was a mistake I'm thinking I should have gone for a small or maybe even a medium for more room. I like the dungaree dresses to be slightly more tight fitting than oversized. However, this particular one only allows for thinner tops or jumpers. A chunky jumper over the top could have been a cosier option. 

Classic me has another beret on; this particular one can be found below, its a bit of an awkward pink to style as many pink outfits deviate from the original colour. 

Image result for asos pink beret
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The shoes, I have had for about two years now but they pop out every year as they're the perfect mix of autumn and winter. As the original isn't sold anymore I tried to find the nearest possible. The high heeled brogue style was popular about a year or two ago now but I think that it's a shoe that is interchangeable through the years. I actually like the look of the similar product as unlike to mine they're a block heel, meaning less sore feet. (A problem I struggle with immensely) 

Leave me a comment down below to tell me what you think. 

See you tomorrow, 
Happy Blogmas 

Katy Alicia

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