Blue floral ruffle tea dress

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Pastel blue 

Okay so I'm going to be perfectly honest I bought this with the intention that it was indeed pastel blue, however, it is actually more of a greyish blue. In some natural lighting, it is as pictured on the website, however fair warning it is not as blue. They do use studio lights creating the perception of a lighter & fundamentally softer colour. Another floral dress... yes I seem to be back in the swing of my old ways. This is a nice casual piece, I have never until today shopped at missguided so fundamentally I can not really judge my perception on one piece. Not many of their items fit into my style, however, I think this item was probably one of the nicest things they have on there at the moment. Feminine, quite complimentary to the figure and ultimately a nice base feature.

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