Bodycon dress - (Trying something new?)

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Bodycon dress 

 Nancy Stripe Zip Up Bodycon alternative imageBlack Suedette Lace Up Pointed Heels  | New Look
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If you know me well... then you know I don't usually wear anything like this. Anything tight fitting I usually avoid just because I

  1. Don't think I would suit the style 
  2. Flared and skater skirts are my go to
  3. They look and feel uncomfortable

But at 3am on a whim as I tried to procrastinate through my problems, I thought buying the most tight fitting dress I could find was a good idea. I actually went to bed, forgot about it and thanks to next day delivery this landed on my doorstep. Was it a good choice? I'm actually going to let you guys decide. Although I do like the dress I am a little biased due to the three reasons above that have stuck with me throughout my life.

I've also never shopped with boohoo directly before either, I actually got a couple more things in the sale ( I must admit their prices are extremely reasonable)
SO this post is merely reflective, I don't think I'm embarking on a new sense of fashion.. I'm just mixing it up a bit - let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

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