Thursday, 25 May 2017

Blouse with a tie - Powder pink/Pattern - Ladies | H&M GB
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I'm back from a what feels an incredibly long hiatus ... I have probably come back at the worst time (Exam season) but who doesn't need procrastination here and there. Quick post today to really emphasise Katy's birthday outfit because why not? Pastel baby pink was my go to and of course a jazzy pattern because I'm all about those. So yes! It was my birthday yesterday and happy birthday to me I am now 19. I bought this skirt a while ago now but wasn't sure what to wear with it, so naturally, I pair it with something busy because the PVC nature of this skirt doesn't give enough wacky factor. The skirt has now gone down in the sale less than half price, I'd say it is a good ground piece to work with to create more interesting outfit combonations.  So go go go and snap it up. 

Stay Jazzy 
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  1. Love the skirt and floral top great combination! Happy 19th birthday, I wish I was still 19th though HAHAHA.

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