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Saturday, 11 February 2017

How to style plaid & biker jacket


 Image 1Tommy Hilfiger Long Sleeve Blouse - masters black / medieval blue (Black) - Tommy Hilfiger Blouses - main image
Click the image to shop the look - (my skirt is vintage but I tried to find similar)

I haven't worn red plaid in probably years, one because it reminds me of the early 2000's pop punk phase so many of us went through. But it's made a resurgence into my wardrobe, not because I'm yearning to go back to those more cringe-y of a time but because a trip to Manchester changed my mind on this old classic.

I popped into COW Manchester, We are Cow is a chain of vintage clothing stores that offer a diverse range of retro styles! They supply most era's but I've found that most time I go into the Manchester store they seem to provide a lot more 70's and 80's clothing. Vintage shopping is mostly luck anyway, you don't always get the pieces you're after however, sometimes you end up coming out of the store with items that are a complete surprise! I wrote a how to shop vintage guide here if you would like to find out how to be a savvy retro buyer.

Fashion blogger styles Biker jacket & plaid skirt

Fashion blogger styles biker jacket & plaid

Fashion blogger wears plaid

Fashion blogger styling plaid & biker jacket
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