The Embroidered Dress

Sunday, 15 January 2017

 The Embroidered dress 

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Okay so I will now be releasing posts hopefully (Argh commitment) every week. I'm still not going to have a particular day I will post on because life's going to start getting hectic probably when this post is released. But yes! Expect weekly posts... announcement over, lets get on with it.

Very quick post today as I'm about to leave home for another couple of months, and I've left it until the morning to pack.
I bought this dress a couple of weeks ago with no intention on where to wear it (we all have one of them items, right?) Anyway I finally got my chance to wear it at a dinner date with a friend at a lovely restaurant. I'll be posting the pics on my insta shortly - so go give that a follow :)  (little self promo there) 

I really like the intricate detailing on this dress, the embroidery really makes the dress stand out. There are two layers to the dress and the embroidery is on the outer layer woven into the thinner fabric. I found the sizing to be quite different to my usual however, I probably needed a size smaller. 

I think the dress is a bit of over kill - if you wear bare legs, so I paired it with thinner denier tights for a more of a classy look. I also thought boots with a squared off heel would allow the look a sleeker finish and a more of contemporary feel than stilettos. 

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