Pattern clashing

Monday, 23 January 2017

 Pattern clashing 

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One of those marmite outfits.
Today's post would be a classic occasion of me pretending that I am in fact trendy, and this outfit was an organised choice based off analysing and forecasting trends. But I think I'm just going to be honest. Some times I hit it lucky. But there are occasions were I do not get it right in the eyes of the beholder and most of the time its when I do this. I pattern clash on purpose.

I enjoy trying to find the most wacky patterns and pairing them together, to make a 'huge big colour mess' according to close family members. However in my head I see it as a huge big colour wheel.

And now I refer back to luck.. it just so happens that the fashion world has coincided with me once again. See the complete Stella Jean Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection.: Temperley London London Spring/Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collection | British…:
Stella Jean. Temperley London and Giamba Resort all are styling pattern clashing for SS17.Giamba Resort 2017 Fashion Show:

  1. So how you pattern clash without looking like you got dressed blindfolded? DON'T OVER THINK IT! 
  2. Look for one colour that is involved in all patterns (For example here I replicate the colour white in both the shirt and slightly in the skirt. 
  3. I use one print to dominate the entirety of the outfit and then the other to accent 
  4. You can replicate the shape of one pattern and use an enlargement in an other. 

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