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Monday, 23 January 2017

Pattern clashing

 Pattern clashing 

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One of those marmite outfits.
Today's post would be a classic occasion of me pretending that I am in fact trendy, and this outfit was an organised choice based off analysing and forecasting trends. But I think I'm just going to be honest. Some times I hit it lucky. But there are occasions were I do not get it right in the eyes of the beholder and most of the time its when I do this. I pattern clash on purpose.

I enjoy trying to find the most wacky patterns and pairing them together, to make a 'huge big colour mess' according to close family members. However in my head I see it as a huge big colour wheel.

And now I refer back to luck.. it just so happens that the fashion world has coincided with me once again. See the complete Stella Jean Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection.: Temperley London London Spring/Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collection | British…:
Stella Jean. Temperley London and Giamba Resort all are styling pattern clashing for SS17.Giamba Resort 2017 Fashion Show:

  1. So how you pattern clash without looking like you got dressed blindfolded? DON'T OVER THINK IT! 
  2. Look for one colour that is involved in all patterns (For example here I replicate the colour white in both the shirt and slightly in the skirt. 
  3. I use one print to dominate the entirety of the outfit and then the other to accent 
  4. You can replicate the shape of one pattern and use an enlargement in an other. 

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Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Embroidered Dress

 The Embroidered dress 

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Okay so I will now be releasing posts hopefully (Argh commitment) every week. I'm still not going to have a particular day I will post on because life's going to start getting hectic probably when this post is released. But yes! Expect weekly posts... announcement over, lets get on with it.

Very quick post today as I'm about to leave home for another couple of months, and I've left it until the morning to pack.
I bought this dress a couple of weeks ago with no intention on where to wear it (we all have one of them items, right?) Anyway I finally got my chance to wear it at a dinner date with a friend at a lovely restaurant. I'll be posting the pics on my insta shortly - so go give that a follow :)  (little self promo there) 

I really like the intricate detailing on this dress, the embroidery really makes the dress stand out. There are two layers to the dress and the embroidery is on the outer layer woven into the thinner fabric. I found the sizing to be quite different to my usual however, I probably needed a size smaller. 

I think the dress is a bit of over kill - if you wear bare legs, so I paired it with thinner denier tights for a more of a classy look. I also thought boots with a squared off heel would allow the look a sleeker finish and a more of contemporary feel than stilettos. 

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Borg bomber jacket

The Borg Bomber Jacket 

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Hello, 2017! This year I have only a handful of resolutions my thought process is if I have less I will achieve more. One of those resolutions is of course to do with my blog and where I want to go with this? The one thing I do know is I want to make highly quality content and use more mediums, cameras, lens and shots to do it. So I greet you with a new post half in the medium of a film camera and half with a professional DSLR.
Cameras are a passion of mine and the thought of working in film has excited me for a while now. 

Today's look is bordering on the preppy mixed with a more casual overlay-ed borg bomber jacket - which IS a new addition to the wardrobe and firmly one that will be staying this winter. The preppy trend is happening this for spring/ summer this year. We are not quite there with the weather yet but I'm firmly keeping ahead with my trend forecasting and with Fashion week arriving soon, i'm sure we will be seeing this trend last throughout 2017.
The Leopard print I find works better as an accessory and i'm not a fan of the print on clothing or shoes, however this mock fur leopard print bag contrasts  textures against the fur in the jacket and the clashing print just works to add vibrancy. 


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