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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Checked coat

 Checked coat 

So were nearing the end of 2016, and I've succumb to dislike the barrage of NYE outfit posts hovering around the Internet. Glitter and sparkles - sure are a great thing! But I don't need a hundred different women telling me douse myself in rainbow glitter. So today I bring you a breather, a reflective post and one hell of a cute checked coat. 

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This coat is extremely dreamy on a winters day, in a pale blue check this coat is perfect for the winter season. It was Paris AW16 fashion week that brought back the check this year, also seen in Victoria Beckhams Autumn fashion show where dominant check was distinguishable upon many of the outfits. 

The beret, my personal love affair piece for this season has made another resurgence in this blog post. Yes I must own one in every colour now, but I'm counting that as a benefit. This grey one is actually one of the most versatile. Grey is the colour most people deem to not match anything but in fact the complete opposite. I find grey works best for my skin tone with blues, pinks and yellows.  

 The only thing I'm unhappy about with this coat is it's lack of pockets. Not a shock, considering every woman's apparel piece seems to never have actual functional requirements. Nevertheless I still adore its pattern so I guess I can overlook that hindrance. 

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  1. This coat is so pretty, love how you have styled it with the cute hat.


    1. Thank you! And Happy New year! :)
      Katy Alicia X

  2. Love the coat! Happy New Year!

    Sabrina | Gypsy Tan

    1. Thank you!

      Happy New year to you too!

      Katy Alicia x


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