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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Pink yoke jumper

Okay. So it has been a while - no I haven't fallen off the ends of the earth. I haven't gone on a spiritual journey, taken time to "find me" or gone on a break. I have been studying to what feels like a 24/7 at the moment, so yes my blog posts are sporadic. I have never really had a schedule on my blog thank goodness but I really do believe it's time for some new content, eh?

So here we are. End of October and I'm sporting a not so unusual combo for this time of year. I am fully on board the frill jumper trend right now - (Even though I don't really remember a time I wasn't) Loving being able to combine long sleeves and "Victoriana" ruffle collars at the moment. Here I wore the jumper with some lighter floral shorts/ skort which also flare out into a ruffle shape. The darker hues of the tights bring the pastel upper half together to create a warmer appearance.

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Friday, 7 October 2016

Ruffles & Frills

Ruffles & Frills

Channelling Autumn hues today with my absolutely favourite new blouse! A good little early October purchase, Mustard and blue have been matched together countless times in magazines, blogs and t.v. The familiarity of the colours strike the perfect cosy feel.

 The trick with Autumn styling is to take one colour from the second row as your base and use two other colours (one from the top & one from the bottom) as your secondary colours. This allows different shades to complement each other without your outfit looking too dark. Autumn/winter outfits we tend to go dark,dark,dark. But adding various tones can help enrich an outfit.
Image result for mustard ruffle blouse h&mImage result for ruffle blouseImage result for ruffle blouse

Frill blouses made popular by the Gucci catwalk line of 2015 & a familiar comeback in 2016 are fantastic to have in your wardrobe. Personally I think that they look better underneath a pinafore dress.

  My skirt is from Cynthia Rowley their website has some lovely pieces especially in the dresses section. Slightly pricey designer but their product quality is worth it.
My Blouse is from H&M -  A key piece and a high street bargain.


Tell me what you think of my outfit? Do you have any key pieces or colours you like to incorporate into Autumn/fall?

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