Breathtaking views in Britain - ( A travel photography post)

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Breathtaking views in Britain - ( A travel photography post)

Britain isn't always considered the most breathtaking especially by the citizens who live here. I think its pretty standard today to not really appreciate your own country's beauty. So I set about at the start of the summer to find beautiful spots from around the Britain to find the great views and travel photography gold. Possibly in the places you least expect. 

                                  Enjoy the collection I think best portrays Britain landscapes. 
                                                                Guys cliffe - Midlands

South west - England
Warkworth - Northumberland 
 Lancashire - North West England

Birmingham - West Midlands
                                                           Lancashire - Northwest England

                                                            Surrey - South West  
                                                                Warrick castle - Warrickshire

 I will be making a travel photography master post for the best equipment and tips later this month and will be documenting my travels abroad in the weeks following. So make sure you follow me on social media to never miss a post. 

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