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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Kendal Calling Festival 2016 - with Emmi Caffe Latté #MakeItAYayDay

Kendal Calling Festival 2016 - with Emmi Caffe Latté

What a weekend! I definitely have that festival feeling which will probably linger for the forseeable summer. I teamed up with Emmi Caffé Latte to show and inspire you guys to get out this summer and #MakeItAYay day. I know I've certainly done that this weekend. I thought I would give you some highlights of the festival. 
Shorts - Topshop 
Wellingtons- Hunter 
Jacket - Redial 
Top- Parisian 

 My outfit embodied casual festival - mixed with high waisted shorts with a lacy cream jacket an excellent interchagable combination from day events to night time partying.

 My first stop was to the Emmi Yurt where I enjoyed one of their cocktails. I had the YAYpose which looks as good as it tastes. The festival was actually lovely and sunny this weekend so despite bringing the wellies - mud didn't ensue. Thank goodness! This was a much needed refreshing drink for the Afternoon's festivities.

The yurt also had their classic flavours without alcohol which I of course tried and tasted as well. The cappachino flavour is my favourite flavour of the moment.

After we scoped out the list of things we wanted to try this weekend, attempting to fit as much fun into one weekend as possible before back to routine. We wandered over to the different tents before stopping for crepes to watch the woodland stage.
Of course I took the opportunity over the weekend for many pictures with the Kendal Calling sign a good insta worthy place to film.

Music I was very impressed with. Probably the HIGHLIGHT. The first night on Friday the main headliners where Catfish and the Bottlemen (My absolute favourites). I have never seen them live so I have to put this in as one of my personal highlights. The other was Rudimental who I wasn't familiar with all the songs however the atmosphere was electric that night and they certainly had the crowd going.

Luckily I achieved to getting to the front row on the second night to watch Madness who completely stole the weekend for me. It was so much fun and the whole fields where wild. From confetti canons to inflatable balloons and classic songs it ended the second night on a high for the main stage.
After 11pm the party and fun continued into the night maintaining the club feel. Glow did what it said on the tin - the lights where extremely bright and the club songs kept on until 3am with all sorts of ages clubbing through the night. 
House party is where I spent the majority of the late hours of my last nights - a mixture of classic songs/80s tunes and current hits. It was highly entertaining especially seeing all different dancing being displayed.

Rides where switched on to the early hours and (yes I did have a go on this) both at night and in the day. The difference? Actually a whole lot - if you want thrill go on it at night when you've let loose a bit more.
Colourful characters and the arts where all to be seen round Kendal Calling. Quirky, slightly eccentric and very colourful my sort of place! Fancy dress seemed to be worn almost everywhere on the Saturday. Shout out to the men dressed as the Jackson five (pictured above)

A carnival took place on Saturday afternoonn and the Eden arts where open all weekend. The highlight was probably the quirkiness of the art. I will hold my hands up and declare I didn't understand it all. But I tried. The most interesting live pieces of art was too women dressed as cats in an almost Japanese cosplay outfit trapped in a box. Acting out a bizarre scenario of intestine pulling out. However I think I will always remember when I witnessed such a piece of art  - a definitive memory indeed.Even if a confusing one.

This weekend has been loud, entertaining, spontaneous, creative and even a little bit quirky and I've loved every minute of it! I hope you guys can get out this summer and #MakeItAYayDay because the memories last a lifetime. A thank you to Emmi Caffé
Latte for having me and for Kendal Calling for supplying an interesting weekend full of music and not much mud!
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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How to style a bardot blouse and pleated skirt?

How to style a bardot blouse and pleated skirt?

It's hot scorching in fact. I never thought I'd see the day summer is finally here and I am extremely busy at the moment, but thought a fashion post was overdue.
I am wearing this really smart pleated skirt I found in a vintage shop in London which is reversible and a lovely fit. Wearing pleated skirts are synonymous with granny's but I think we should reclaim this stereotype because worn with the right top and less accessories it can look youthful and vibrant as you want it. Bardot blouses are the height of the femininity scale emphasising the rounded shoulders and slimming the arms. I personally prefer plain no patterned bardot tops as I prefer to accentuate pattern and colour into the bottom half of the outfit. Using the white or a peach brings out colour in fairer skin (trust me I need it) and therefore balances out the outfit as a whole.

P.A.R.O.S.H. - Mini skirthttp://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?searchTermScope=3&searchType=ALL&viewAllFlag=false&beginIndex=1&langId=-1&productId=23092091&pageSize=20&defaultGridLayout=3&CE3_ENDECA_PRODUCT_ROLLUP_ENABLED=N&searchTerm=TS13L23JWHT&productOnlyCount=1&catalogId=33057&productIdentifierproduct=product&geoip=search&x=25&searchTermOperator=LIKE&sort_field=Relevance&y=11&storeId=12556&qubitRefinements=siteId%3DTopShopUK

Click image to shop - ( Skirt is nearest to mine as possible)

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Styling a beret? AW16 wear

AW16 - The Beret

Love it or loathe it. Believe it's just a stereotypical french hat or possibly a shining beacon to the head wear heaven. Either way it's here to stay. Paris Fashion Week saw the trend spike between attendees of the latest fashion shows, but it proved just as popular on the catwalk. Following Gucci's more 'Nerdy' line of AW15 in which Geek chic (big glasses, pussy bow blouses and loafers)  became on trend Gucci had to live up to that success this year. The beret a piece that has obviously has not had its day, is back in Gucci AW16 lineup.
As seen here the red wine colour beret in paticular is this year's key coloured piece. The red beret causes any outfit to pop. Another trend and tip to style your beret is to wear darker colours e.g (Navy, Black, Grey) for the main body of the outfit an use the beret as the main form of colour. A versitle piece and for once has a practical element to this trend for the winter.

Here is my take on the trend.

Shop the look: Cheaper Alternative

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Pokémon Go - outfit inspiration

Pokémon Go - Outfit inspo

Unless you've been living under a rock you probably have heard of the not so little app of Pokémon GO! Are you sick of hearing or playing it yet? Maybe or maybe not. For me it was only released in the UK about 2 days ago and YES I have hopped on the bandwagon. Not much of a surprise considering as a kid I collected all those cards 'gotta catch em all' I probably did. I also was very into the anime as a small child so it's been refreshing to relive it again. I'm big kid anyway so who cares. 

So ... if they're was any time to do a post like this it would probably be now. Here is an outfit that reminds me of that Pokémon trainer I think she is in the X or Y generation. I wanted to create an outfit similar to hers but at the same time brought about the inner Pokemon trainer I would of wanted to be and look like.

A hat always seems to be a staple in the Pokémon world - brought my own spin on it with a baker type style hat. Of course also in tradition the colour matching with the other garments. The skirt a checked type tennis skirt. With a cute backpack I must add extremely handy when you're trying to run around catching the damn things ( Not that I have done that .. at all)

So what would your pokémon trainer look like? Did I do a good job? So far I've caught about one rare Pokémon but with my travel trip just round the corner I expect to be able to catch some soon.

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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Breathtaking views in Britain - ( A travel photography post)

Breathtaking views in Britain - ( A travel photography post)

Britain isn't always considered the most breathtaking especially by the citizens who live here. I think its pretty standard today to not really appreciate your own country's beauty. So I set about at the start of the summer to find beautiful spots from around the Britain to find the great views and travel photography gold. Possibly in the places you least expect. 

                                  Enjoy the collection I think best portrays Britain landscapes. 
                                                                Guys cliffe - Midlands

South west - England
Warkworth - Northumberland 
 Lancashire - North West England

Birmingham - West Midlands
                                                           Lancashire - Northwest England

                                                            Surrey - South West  
                                                                Warrick castle - Warrickshire

 I will be making a travel photography master post for the best equipment and tips later this month and will be documenting my travels abroad in the weeks following. So make sure you follow me on social media to never miss a post. 

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