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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Parisian style midi skirt

Parisian style midi skirt

Parisian style midi skirt 

I've never really given the midi skirt a try and I wish I had done because I quite like the Parisian style that's been created here. Pattern on the bottom and block on the top balances out the busy pattern and the tight fitting belt sucks the waist in to just the right amount for the outfit to flow. The cone heel is the heel height I would aim for to pair with a midi-skirt. Flats are not a particularly great option unless you are relatively tall - I'm not small myself and I still need that bit of height to ensure a slimmer and equal outfit proportion.

Parisian style midi skirt

Parisian style midi skirt/ outfit

Parisian style midi skirt

Parisian style midi skirt

Parisian style midi skirt

Parisian style midi skirt

Parisian style midi skirt 
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Friday, 24 June 2016

Where to shop, eat and travel in York? Vintage twist!

Where to shop, eat and travel in York?

This summer I'm travelling abroad to a number of places covering three continents. Before the epic trip and to channel the adrenalin that's building up inside of me it got me thinking what and where can I travel in the UK? I will be updating various posts as part of a series for places across the UK that I believe have an extra charm that is somewhat overlooked by residents and travellers alike.

Of course I will also be adding a vintage twist to the places I recommend concentrating on the best tearooms, vintage shops and historic places to visit.


Without further a do here are my top three things to see, eat and do in York

Where to shop In York?

York has a large array of shops especially for the high street including a Topshop, primark and T-K max however if you would like to try something a bit different this vintage shop located in Castlegate is definitely for you. Not far from the centre of York, easy accessible about a 8 minute walk from York Minster. Dog and Bone Vintage caters for both female and male fashion. I found the shop a treasure trove and its layout an exciting way to pass time by delving into the rails to find a timeless piece and hopefully a bargain. The prices where reasonable for a vintage shop the only pieces slightly more expensive were the coats. Prices ranged but this is generally the way with vintage shopping. My experience was a pleasurable one and even my not so into vintage fashion friends loved the aesthetic and adventure of rummaging.

Dog_&_Bone_134.jpgWhat to do in York?

The Three legged Mare in York is located in the quaint cobbled streets near York Minster a live music venue, pub and place to eat. It is a real ale pub and has a historic feel to its exterior  I wasn't in there long but for a quick drink and live music on the day was fun to listen to all though was quite packed when we arrived.

York Minster is an excellent place to see and go - It's beautiful Gothic  architecture is a real marvel! Standing tall as the second largest in Northern Europe it's features are truly awe worthy. Inside you can view artefact's and even take in the view from the tower. The cathedral however has been undergoing renovations so I would check before travelling to see if the inside is open.

(Every time I took a picture here a woman on a mobility scooter went by?.. ha!) Outfit for the day was simple and practical. Travelling round the UK even in the summer is never warm.

Places to eat?

I'm a big fan of tearooms in fact if I could I would eat in them everyday, York has many tearooms but I decided to try Betty's as I was told they make the best afternoon tea in York. The queue was long I'm not going to lie and when I saw the prices in the window I was tempted to leave (I'm just impatient I guess). Alas! I stuck it out and I am very glad I did. The food was delicious and tea quite right and proper. My advice? Book and reserve unless you want to join a very long line of hungry Brits waiting to get in. Also if you can sit upstairs. DO IT! The tearoom is more grand and has a more relaxed atmosphere than the bustling bottom with 'hangry' people waiting to get in.

There is also a number of bakery's in York and other tearooms, being the silly pastry fanatic I am I tried another tea room called Earl Gray In which I located the pastries which you could take out a much better alternative as it was beginning to become busiest in there at 3pm.

So what do you think? Will York be on your go to list? Lets give more British trips a go as well as our abroad favourites. 

Until the next time, 

Monday, 6 June 2016

1960s Beach day dress

1960'S Beach day dress - How I style a Beach outfit?

I must admit that I am not the most conventional dresser but today I really feel I am echoing the beach and that holiday vibe . Very retro indeed! It's officially my summer holidays (I just have to go back for the odd exam) but I have made full use of my time off and the glorious weather we are having at the moment. I've already set off on my travels and the beach was my first destination. 
This 60's inspired dress has got to be my new favorite 60's inspired piece i own ( I own a lot) it was relatively cheap and is very good quality. I think the stripes in the dress complement my figure well, usually horizontal lines do. I tend to avoid vertical like the plague. 
The button up collar is adorable and adds an extra element to this actually quite simple shift dress. For the beach a simple dress or one piece is a good idea. I really like the simplicity and the effortless look this outfit echoes. The higher neck protects from sun burn but the short sleeves and mini length provides enough skin to attempt to tan or at least be comfortable. I just burn over here.

I took this small shoulder bag with me - enough to carry my small camera and the essentials. But I also brought a much larger bag for everything else. I think bringing a smaller  bag is defiantly a necessity if you're a restless explorer like I .. ha!

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Image 1 of Fashion Union Stripe Dress with Collar and Button Front
Until the next time.

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