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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

18th Birthday

18th Birthday - 24th May 2016 

Seems strange. I'm now officially an adult, actually in two days I will also be finished college forever.Bizarre! All these seemingly scary things are happening all at once, I will be starting Uni before I know it. Do I feel ready? In a way- yes. But in others, not really at heart I'm still an 8 year old a little too happy with getting a balloon.. ha! (Which I seem to not be able to pose with)

Life is a big adventure and I have so much to do, see and explore. I would like to share 18 things I would like to do in my 18th year. Things I intend to do and actually can probably maintain.

1. Travel ( Recently I've been getting that travel bug I'd love to travel a lot more than I do currently)

2. Make time for my friends more ( I've been hiding away in books for too long this year)

3. Focus more on blogging

4. Read more instead of accumulating a million books but reading none

5.Get into Uni

6. Be more experimental with clothing

7. Write more ( I have a half written novel somewhere)

8. Vlog

9. Start a youtube

10. Take up playing an instrument again

11. Hone those photography skills

12. More vintage shopping

13. Get up earlier ( seriously bad at this one)

14. Be more spontaneous

15. I'd love to learn a new language

16. Dedicate more time for my art again

17. Wear more hats (idek I just love them)

18. Make my 18th year one to remember (a little bit cheesy huh?)


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Monday, 9 May 2016

How to style a swing skirt?

How I style a swing skirt?

Today's look is definitely echoing those summer vibes. I love wearing longer skirts in the summer it keeps me much cooler wearing a thinner longer skirt and also allows me to wear bear legs whilst not burning them ( I don't tan unfortunately - just burn). The swing skirt is a lovely piece that's easily interchangeable and can be mixmatched with different accessories. 

I like to style the swing skirt with a crop top or smaller plain off the shoulder top to accentuate the skirt. Kimonos are excellent for creating a more stylish look to quite a plainer outfit, adding colour to certain areas of the outfit such as the accessories (shoes, bags, belts etc) creates a less busy look and therefore the outfit colours will balance and complement each other nicely. 

This particular skirt is from Jolly chic was slightly on the thinner side so I decided to put a thinner under layer underneath. I think I might also get a 1950's style underskirt which would look amazing under this skirt giving it a completely different style maybe for a evening wear outfit. I really love the high waist on this skirt it sucks in my waist and accentuates it.

Skirt: Jollychic
Top: H&M
Shoes: EA Direct
Bag: New Look
Kimono: Asos  

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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Red retro style 1920's dress

Red retro style 1920's dress

 SS16 catwalk saw feminine shapes and sophisticated delicate patterns with a modern twist.
This wine red tied collar dress is a lovely edition to my current retro styled wardrobe. I really like the dropped waist on the dress - its flattering colour and shape is perfect for spring. It can be worn with or without tights and styled up with these kitten heels or played down with flats. I'm a personal fan of tied bow floaty dresses as they are incredibly chic and elegant.
The long sleeves are perfect for the change in weather and making it a quintessential piece to transfer from day to night, the dress is above the knee and has graceful pleated skirt bottom. I styled it with a small satchel bag that easy fits the essentials and the heels elongate my legs and create a demure look.

      Dress : Jollychic 
      Bag: Asos
      Shoes: Call it spring

Until the next time,

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