Perfecting casual chic

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Perfecting casual chic! 

Casual chic is actually a harder look to pull off than the name actually entails. I have the tendency to overdress for every occasion and lately I've been trying to find that happy medium. Wanting to go out (look kind of dressy) but pull off an effortless look at the same time.

Today I received this beautiful patterned blouse from Jollychic - I'm a sucker for anything patterned. But this. My goodness I had to attempt to style it straight away - originally I attempted to pair the blouse with a mini skirt but the ruffles at the bottom made the look a little too heavy. My tip for ruffles is to always go more tightfitting around the bottom half of your body it will bring in your waist and hips.

I hardly ever wear jeans but I think it really makes the outfit look that little bit more effortless. The light grey background contrasted against the orange and black, complement the outfit nicely. Creating a bold but elegant feel. The blouse is actually quite interchangeable as well generating various different looks wouldn't be difficult at all. You could possibly wear the blouse with leather pants and stilettos producing an evening look, or go with a Cami underneath and use for the day time.

Blouse: Jollychic  
Jeans: Topshop 
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