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Sunday, 17 April 2016

So you're not at coachella - presumably. Well neither am I, I am however away for the weekend and on holiday. But still not at 'the' festival everyone is talking about and I just can't seem to avoid on social media! 

I posted this picture (x) on Insta the other day blissfully unaware of the star studded style event happening on the other side of the Atlantic. Here showcasing my what could be classified as festival-ish outfit.. the amount of likes I gained surprised me until I realised everyone (and now I) was liking a mass of images relating to the  music fest. Whether it be girls in over dressy outfits that would be considered bizarre at such British festivals as Glastonbury. Or that Ferris wheel every Insta crazy photographer has been sure to snap. That got me thinking and kind of wishing I was anywhere but here. (I'm a student at exam season) feel my pain. 

So how does one replicate the look?  And where can you steal the must have items to create your own cochella style steal?


Any type of print! Which makes endless possibilities and endless combinations - Aztec and floral prints are by far the most popular however you could definitely change it up!


Off the shoulder - the bardot blouse or dress, is key to any festival keeping you cool and looking festival ready.


Layering lighter fabrics on top of another creates the perfectly styled outfit - a cute Cami top with kimono or light dress with crochet waistcoat gives off effortless chic!

From what I've seen a good hat will stand you in good stead! Sure a straw boater hats nice but sticking with minimal colours such as browner shades you can experiment with more busier patterns below. Sunglasses and over the body bag will of course be essentials

Footwear get the coachellla festival look not any footwear is out of place ( a no wellington zone in LA) Opting for a more glamorous heel or Greek sandal shape. A smaller heel or wedge fits perfectly with a short combo.

So whether you're a miserable Brit who needs some style inspiration for these bleak rainy days or someone who is dying to copy the much loved and documented style this April! I wish you luck and trust me just because were not there we can still dress to impress!

          My dress: Vero Moda x
 Hat: H&M
    Belt: Asos 
                    Shoes: Call it spring 
                      Until the next time,

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