Pretty in pastel - OOTD

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Pretty In Pastel - OOTD

 I'm basically laughing in everyone of these photos, good times with a great friend! I miss taking pictures on my camera though, as much as Iphone is okay nothing beats film. Attempted to go on an adventure today, resulted in steep hills and muddy shoes! Probably not the most suitable outfit, but I'm sure you expected that from me?

Decided to layer pastels - this dress is so cute! t has two layers making it to look like a skirt top coord combo, it's slightly short for my annoyingly long legs but makes a wonderful dress for pretty much any occasion. The chunky cardigan is a nice alternative to a jacket, the weather isn't perfect so it gives a little practicality to the outfit. Shock horror I actually was a little prepared!

Pastels are lovely for spring they always have been and probably always will be, no surprises here. But I'm attempting to introduce them slowly, those at college aren't ready for full blown colour just yet even if I am. 

Dress - Lavish Alice
Cardigan - Asos 

Big thank you to my friend Annabel for taking the photos hurriedly in the middle of nowhere
       Til the next time,
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