Fully thrifted - Outfits for less #1

Monday, 14 March 2016

Blouse - Topshop (£3)
Cardigan - Total recall vintage (£10)
Skirt - Resurrection Vintage (£10)
Hat - H&M - (£4)

Fully thrifted - Outfits for less #1

Welcome to the first post of my fully thrifted line of posts, I thought it would be a really fun idea to make a series of posts on fully thrifted outfits I find. Predominately pieces from vintage shops but also from scrimping around to find the latest deals. I'm hoping I will be able to give you some style inspiration and possibly give you some tips on getting the best deal.

Topshop is at the higher end of the high street shopping but never fear! Getting bargains there are incredibly simple to do! Check out the 'rail no one ever advertises' here to find out how I got this blouse for just £3!

The skirt and cardigan were the most expensive items at £10 but fit perfectly and the cardigan is of such good quality I really can't fault it. 

I'm loving hats right now (I don't know what I'm saying I always love hats) BUT! Recently I've been more inclined to buy hats more than ever from routing around in a hat bin! Yes a hat bin. If you go to the bottom of the pile of hats and one has a little mark it will usually be discounted. If it isn't just ask when you get to the till what you can have off... it's that simple. This hat was marked down simply because it had a small white mark at the back. This was easily removed with a cloth. Why pay full price when you can buy less than half?

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