Patterned casual neck tie dress /ootd

Monday, 29 February 2016

Patterned neck tie dress

Today I had a lovely stroll around Lancaster city and castle (when I say stroll I mean hobble) my feet were killing me after walking in heels all day! But I kept telling myself 'it's all for the outfit' and that spared me on to keep on hobbling.

I adore patterns probably don't need to tell you that anymore especially if you're a regular here, but there is something satisfying about these particular colours! The fusion  of the purple and black with the hint of yellow swirls really livens up the dress. I really recommend you check out 'glamorous' dresses they're really cute and I've had a major buy of a lot of they're stock right now.

Here's a couple of pictures from the day/ a sort of OOTD lookbook:

 Dress: Glamorous 
 shoes: Ebay 
Bag: Asos
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  1. beautiful outfit,i adore your dress and you look totally fab hunni xx