It's all about angles- How to take blog pictures?

Sunday, 14 February 2016

It's all about angles- How to take blog pictures?

Blogging is fun! Writing can be frustrating but it's fun, reading other blogger's work is fun, styling is fun. But do you know what isn't fun taking blog pictures. Because sometimes you get a good picture and feel like you're on the new cover of vogue and other (majority of times) it feels as if you are an un photogenic piece of mush. It is an awkward experience with passers by glaring, unpredictable weather and dependent on how you are taking the photo... who ever is taking it. Now I don't have a professional photographer sometimes I use my tripod other times I drag friends and family to do the deed. Much to their annoyance of course. I've spoken to other bloggers who feel the exact same but I've also had a chat with numerous people who have said this is one of the many reasons they choose not to blog. They feel they have no one to take the photo or don't think they would do a good job taking it themselves.
So I've decided to compile together a couple of tips on how to take a good blog photo! (From experience)
A frequent myth I hear is that equipment is 'everything', sure it helps to have a swanky DSLR camera (which I have recently been blessed with) but up until a week ago I have used either my iphone 6s or my very old Nikon camera for photos with a tripod and clicker. If you can't get a friend or family member, a clicker will be extremely helpful. It might take longer or just as long to get the right picture with a human dependent on their camera skills. A clicker is definitely a good investment if you're thinking on taking majority of photos by yourself. 

Okay so this brings me to editing! So say you took the pictures with your phone there are masses of apps that help the editing process. Also ones that don't cost money, I really wouldn't bother paying for photo apps. I recently found the app 'Snapseed' is highly effective for controlling light, contrasting and has a good focus filter. I made a post about 6 months ago raving on about vsco cam but I have recently come to loathe the app. The same boring filters no longer excite me and with nearly every instagrammer jumping on the bandwagon I recently deleted the app out of boredom. 

Photoshop lite is another brilliant app for both mobile and computer, I tend to transfer my camera photos onto the computer then via my phone. I think editing on my phone is easier and I can control the settings better. This could just be personal - but if you're a newbie to editing I would try using you're phone.

It's all about angles
As I eluded to in the title, it is all about angles. Not even professional models look good at all angles. Not everyone has a perfectly symmetrical face and one side will be better than the other! Usually it's you're left side (It is for me). Now even if I pose on my left side it isn't guaranteed to look smack in your face gorgeous. So what can you do if you're terribly unphotogenic? 
  • If you are short get someone to crouch and take the photo from the bottom with you not looking directly at the camera. 
  • Flip the photos to a the mirror version of you, this is available on photoshop and numerous other apps - you will see the icon near the rotation on the app 
  • Watch what you are wearing sometimes if the colour doesn't suit you, your skin might look washed out causing the picture to look wrong. (Why do you think those on TV always look so good, they are told to wear flattering colours) Usually Royal Blue works on TV??
  • For a more candid photo set the camera or phone to burst mode, this will take numerous photos whilst its doing this move about, not too much otherwise it will be blurry.
  • Use a colourful plain wall for outfit photos it focuses the attention on the outfit and is much more aesthetically pleasing than seeing a crowd or that one man staring into the camera at the back of you 
  • Sunset! Golden hour is truly golden you will look phenomenal in this light make use of it!

I hope those few tips were helpful, if they're was anything else you would like me to cover in a separate blog post let me know!

Til the next time, 


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