Getting ready for spring - How to style pastels?

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Getting ready for spring in Pastels  - How to style?

I know, I know you're probably reading the title thinking ''is this girl mad I'm still wearing a jumper and coat sipping a hot beverage next to a roaring fire blah blah'. Maybe a bit of an exaggeration but I do sympathise even if you are ready for spring it isn't quite spring yet. Hurry up weather! As much as I like to wrap up, I'm just a bit sick of it. Spring is probably one of my favourite times of year and its a bit of understatement to say I'm excited its the time of my birthday, cute clothes, beautiful floral patterns and flowers are in bloom everywhere (Not great for my hay fever) but we can look over that. I thought today I would give you a little sneak peak at what I would be wearing this spring

Today I experimented with some pastel clothes I received in the mail a couple of weeks ago with the return of my favourite boots. The pink dress that I was trying to look casually at in the photo is a dress I've had for a while that is no longer stocked. But I included it as I absolutely adore the delicate pink bird pattern.

It is also a return of my favourite style of dress (a dress with an over sized bow) the only problem I have with this dress is it is way too big on me. Hence the belt- I'm wearing an 8 but I really could of done with a size or two down. So I would be weary of that If you decide to buy.

Dress: Glamorous
Boots: La Redoute

What will you be wearing this spring?

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