Elie Beaumont London - watch review

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Elie Beaumont London :

Today we are going to be talking watches! A handy essential that requires to be both fashionable and practical. A watch applies a little class to an outfit and finding the right one you can add to numerous different styles is by far my favourite thing about this accessory.

Elie Beaumont watches take inspiration from vintage and haute couture collections, Elie's designs derive from her own experience in fashion. Incorporating the essentials to create the sleek timeless pieces in the collection.

The watch I'm now going to be using repeatedly is the Elie black oxford large
 in black nappa leather. The watch came in a lovely leather wrapped case and the watch itself has a beautiful rose gold features which adds an expensive quality to the not so expensive watch. The watch price is incredibly good value, at just £49.00! In fact all of their watches on the site are just £49, usually I would expect to pay a great deal more for such a trendy and luxury looking piece.

I especially love the feel of this watch, I think the sleek elegant design of the watch will complement a variety of my outfits including the vintage ones.  The particular watch I received was available in numerous colours but I felt the black leather added a fine sophisticated appearance.

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