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Monday, 29 February 2016

Patterned casual neck tie dress /ootd

Patterned neck tie dress

Today I had a lovely stroll around Lancaster city and castle (when I say stroll I mean hobble) my feet were killing me after walking in heels all day! But I kept telling myself 'it's all for the outfit' and that spared me on to keep on hobbling.

I adore patterns probably don't need to tell you that anymore especially if you're a regular here, but there is something satisfying about these particular colours! The fusion  of the purple and black with the hint of yellow swirls really livens up the dress. I really recommend you check out 'glamorous' dresses they're really cute and I've had a major buy of a lot of they're stock right now.

Here's a couple of pictures from the day/ a sort of OOTD lookbook:

 Dress: Glamorous 
 shoes: Ebay 
Bag: Asos
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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Elie Beaumont London - watch review

Elie Beaumont London :

Today we are going to be talking watches! A handy essential that requires to be both fashionable and practical. A watch applies a little class to an outfit and finding the right one you can add to numerous different styles is by far my favourite thing about this accessory.

Elie Beaumont watches take inspiration from vintage and haute couture collections, Elie's designs derive from her own experience in fashion. Incorporating the essentials to create the sleek timeless pieces in the collection.

The watch I'm now going to be using repeatedly is the Elie black oxford large
 in black nappa leather. The watch came in a lovely leather wrapped case and the watch itself has a beautiful rose gold features which adds an expensive quality to the not so expensive watch. The watch price is incredibly good value, at just £49.00! In fact all of their watches on the site are just £49, usually I would expect to pay a great deal more for such a trendy and luxury looking piece.

I especially love the feel of this watch, I think the sleek elegant design of the watch will complement a variety of my outfits including the vintage ones.  The particular watch I received was available in numerous colours but I felt the black leather added a fine sophisticated appearance.

So will you be wearing an Elie? Social links below
Elie Beaumont - Facebook  
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Monday, 22 February 2016

SS16 what to take from the catwalk?

SS16 what to take from the catwalk?

 Are you seeing the link between all these spring posts?

I wouldn't say I'm an avid watcher of every designer that graces the catwalks. Sure it's nice to look at what's in vogue so to speak, yet I really enjoy just wearing whatever I feel as well. We can take a lot from the catwalks however, and incorporate it with our own style at a cheaper price might I add!

Lately though I've been watching the catwalks more and more so I thought I would do a round up post of my favourite catwalk items and clothing for Spring 2016 and what we can take from them! With how to replicate the look with a high street similar.

Gucci SS16
 November/ December I stumbled upon Gucci SS16 and I fell in love. I fell in love so much I dedicated a whole chunk of my personal study for textiles talking about it. 

This collection basically screams 'buy me' if only I had the sufficient funds for every piece I dearly would.

Two piece coordinate sets are very chic, sleek and beautiful for spring. The pastel colours, ruffles and bowed blouses are elegant and can be applied to nearly any outfit. Do I want to pay thousands... certainly not. Here are some alternatives, not exactly the same but shows you how the high street is incorporating these looks and you can too.

Clink the image to go to the product:

Gucci Resort 2016: Image 1 of ASOS Tweedy Blazer with Scallop Edge Co-ord

Image 1 of ASOS Frill Detail Contrast Tie BlouseGucci Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection Photos - Vogue:  
Fendi Spring 2016
Fendi Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection Photos - Vogue:  
Fendi SS16 is simple but adorable, its all about the A-line mini and puffball combo an accentuated waist flows well with the flow-y ruffled blouses we saw just before. Bagging yourself one of this beauties is always a good idea, they come around so quick and never seem to go 'out'. They can be dressed up with a heel or played down with a flat.

Chanel SS16
Green Floral Print Pleated Peter Pan Collar Three Quarter Length Sleeve Dress Chanel Spring 16.:
There is so much to take from Chanel, but I think this year its this statement sheen that Chanel's clothes have as well as the delicate pleating. Overlapped with a suit style jacket and a work outfit is born.

So what do you think? Would you go for anyone of these items? Do you love these three designers this year, sprin gis just around the corner... so the question is ehat will you be wearing?

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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Spring lookbook - Feb 2016 (Pastel pink trench coat)

Spring Lookbook- (coat) February 2016

  February is soon rolling into March and spring is nearly here. This coat is so perfect for this transitioning month, I've been looking for a pastel trench coat of good quality for so long and once I spied this one I knew it had to be mine. You could say I went on a bit of an adventure today!I was so happy to get out an about with my camera, so be prepared for insta spam later on. It was a lovely day apart from the twenty minute rain shower I narrowly managed to dodge.

This coat is actually quite poof-y when on, which I of course being in the (out there crowd) do not mind. But I guess for some, they might not like this exaggerated look, the sleeves and shoulders have this ruffled style causing a sort of shoulder pad effect.

The bag is not practical if at all for a girl with as much junk as I have, if you're looking for a bag just to fit a few essentials a phone, keys etc it's okay I guess it's just not big enough for day to day. However it is a cute little satchel bag and comes in a variety of colours making it one of those addictive items that you just want to buy the set. WHY? Because you can! Plus I don't think oyu can ever have enough bags, am I right?

Bag: Asos 
Shoes: Chic feet 

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Monday, 15 February 2016

Envy professional

Envy Professional: Review (Envy Blowdry Gift set)

Envy Professional Review: Envy Professional is a UK based hair company who have kindly sent me the Envy Blow dry set to review. Hair salons have had the luxury of using this well known and highly regarded product for a while now but Envy has recently expanded to giving consumers the chance to buy the products. Described as the '10 minute game changer' I was eager to test out the product, and I wasn't disappointed! The set includes the dual fix multi action treatment which basically is a spray to help repair the hair. The set also includes cleansing shampoo and a detangling conditioner, which is compatible onto any type of hair.

The thing I was most surprised when I used the product was just how quick it took to apply and use, First you spray the roots with the dual fix spray onto your unwashed hair rough dry it and then go about your usual shower routine with shampoo and conditioner. My hair is prone to frizzing when blow drying and I have to admit it felt as if I'd had a professional blow dry. When blowdryed It was smooth and glossy- as it salon professional the length of time before I needed to wash it again was a lot longer as well. Which has saved me a mass of time.

The RRP: is £40.00 for the entire three bottle gift set at 250 ml a bottle this hair kit will last you a long time making it worth the price. Envy Professional however have given my readers the opportunity to get the 40% of the price with the code: BLOG40 - so you can purchase the set here !

So what are you waiting for?

Check out Envy Proffesional's social media Twitter/Facebook/Instagram

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Sunday, 14 February 2016

It's all about angles- How to take blog pictures?

It's all about angles- How to take blog pictures?

Blogging is fun! Writing can be frustrating but it's fun, reading other blogger's work is fun, styling is fun. But do you know what isn't fun taking blog pictures. Because sometimes you get a good picture and feel like you're on the new cover of vogue and other (majority of times) it feels as if you are an un photogenic piece of mush. It is an awkward experience with passers by glaring, unpredictable weather and dependent on how you are taking the photo... who ever is taking it. Now I don't have a professional photographer sometimes I use my tripod other times I drag friends and family to do the deed. Much to their annoyance of course. I've spoken to other bloggers who feel the exact same but I've also had a chat with numerous people who have said this is one of the many reasons they choose not to blog. They feel they have no one to take the photo or don't think they would do a good job taking it themselves.
So I've decided to compile together a couple of tips on how to take a good blog photo! (From experience)
A frequent myth I hear is that equipment is 'everything', sure it helps to have a swanky DSLR camera (which I have recently been blessed with) but up until a week ago I have used either my iphone 6s or my very old Nikon camera for photos with a tripod and clicker. If you can't get a friend or family member, a clicker will be extremely helpful. It might take longer or just as long to get the right picture with a human dependent on their camera skills. A clicker is definitely a good investment if you're thinking on taking majority of photos by yourself. 

Okay so this brings me to editing! So say you took the pictures with your phone there are masses of apps that help the editing process. Also ones that don't cost money, I really wouldn't bother paying for photo apps. I recently found the app 'Snapseed' is highly effective for controlling light, contrasting and has a good focus filter. I made a post about 6 months ago raving on about vsco cam but I have recently come to loathe the app. The same boring filters no longer excite me and with nearly every instagrammer jumping on the bandwagon I recently deleted the app out of boredom. 

Photoshop lite is another brilliant app for both mobile and computer, I tend to transfer my camera photos onto the computer then via my phone. I think editing on my phone is easier and I can control the settings better. This could just be personal - but if you're a newbie to editing I would try using you're phone.

It's all about angles
As I eluded to in the title, it is all about angles. Not even professional models look good at all angles. Not everyone has a perfectly symmetrical face and one side will be better than the other! Usually it's you're left side (It is for me). Now even if I pose on my left side it isn't guaranteed to look smack in your face gorgeous. So what can you do if you're terribly unphotogenic? 
  • If you are short get someone to crouch and take the photo from the bottom with you not looking directly at the camera. 
  • Flip the photos to a the mirror version of you, this is available on photoshop and numerous other apps - you will see the icon near the rotation on the app 
  • Watch what you are wearing sometimes if the colour doesn't suit you, your skin might look washed out causing the picture to look wrong. (Why do you think those on TV always look so good, they are told to wear flattering colours) Usually Royal Blue works on TV??
  • For a more candid photo set the camera or phone to burst mode, this will take numerous photos whilst its doing this move about, not too much otherwise it will be blurry.
  • Use a colourful plain wall for outfit photos it focuses the attention on the outfit and is much more aesthetically pleasing than seeing a crowd or that one man staring into the camera at the back of you 
  • Sunset! Golden hour is truly golden you will look phenomenal in this light make use of it!

I hope those few tips were helpful, if they're was anything else you would like me to cover in a separate blog post let me know!

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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Getting ready for spring - How to style pastels?

Getting ready for spring in Pastels  - How to style?

I know, I know you're probably reading the title thinking ''is this girl mad I'm still wearing a jumper and coat sipping a hot beverage next to a roaring fire blah blah'. Maybe a bit of an exaggeration but I do sympathise even if you are ready for spring it isn't quite spring yet. Hurry up weather! As much as I like to wrap up, I'm just a bit sick of it. Spring is probably one of my favourite times of year and its a bit of understatement to say I'm excited its the time of my birthday, cute clothes, beautiful floral patterns and flowers are in bloom everywhere (Not great for my hay fever) but we can look over that. I thought today I would give you a little sneak peak at what I would be wearing this spring

Today I experimented with some pastel clothes I received in the mail a couple of weeks ago with the return of my favourite boots. The pink dress that I was trying to look casually at in the photo is a dress I've had for a while that is no longer stocked. But I included it as I absolutely adore the delicate pink bird pattern.

It is also a return of my favourite style of dress (a dress with an over sized bow) the only problem I have with this dress is it is way too big on me. Hence the belt- I'm wearing an 8 but I really could of done with a size or two down. So I would be weary of that If you decide to buy.

Dress: Glamorous
Boots: La Redoute

What will you be wearing this spring?

Til the next time,
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