Tips and Tricks: How to buy on a budget without looking budget - For those thrifty fashionistas who want to look good!

Friday, 22 January 2016

Tips and Tricks: How to buy on a budget without looking budget  -  For those thrifty fashionistas who want to look good

 Sounds good right? Now there are a lot of misconceptions about bloggers especially fashion and beauty bloggers that we all get free stuff all the time, never buy our own clothes and when we do it's got to be couture, right? WRONG! Sure some of us get a lucky break from time to time and collab but seriously I'm as thrifty with my money as the next person. I'm a student which I am sure I don't need to stress makes you feel poor the majority of the time, and when payday finally comes it's the toss up between splurging or attempting to keep what little money that's left. By all means I'm no saint with money especially when it comes to fashion but I feel I have learnt some handy tips on how to get the best deals and discounts.

The rail no one ever advertises

In every shop there is a rail, yes I know there are many rails. But this particular rail is not marked as anything. This is your gold mine! Everything on this rail on the tags will either have a red, black or possibly coloured dot. This means the item is supposedly 'faulty' but my dear shoppers it is not faulty! Shops discount clothes they believe to be faulty this can be from a little dot of makeup to a button fallen off. Makeup can be removed, a button can be sewn on. This is not low quality shops who offer this. Topshop I've found is one of the main shops that do this I got a blouse that cost usually £40.00 to an amazing £3! It isn't just Topshop who offers this its literally every shop, it isn't labelled 'shocking prices over here!' so you will have to root around for this rail. Sometimes its near changing rooms other times in a corner of the shop. It usually look like a rail you think someone is sorting but in fact  it's your ticket to a thrifty but stylish wardrobe.

Second hand shopping in city centre's

Now we've all heard this before! I know they aren't the best place to shop I'm going to be honest they're drab and usually have lot of crap! But if you're crying out "I've been it was all old people stuff "- you were probably shopping in the town centre ones. If you compare a second hand shop in a town or city you WILL see the difference! The city ones have more stock, more brand and designer clothes and clothes that have never actually been worn. If you also shop in a more affluent area more designer bags,shoes,clothes etc will be in them.

Brand outlet voucher codes

You can usually find any sort of voucher code online and a lot can be used online and offline, now you may feel silly using them. Associating them with suburban mothers who want a good discount. but I think these women are on to something. From experience you can find voucher code up to 75% online.


Yes this might be cring-ey but there is a way around it. You know those annoying pop up boxes asking to talk to a member of staff on websites! USE THEM! Ask about a product talk to them then ask for a cheeky discount, It doesn't always work but the majority of the time it does.

So next time you have the dilemma of needing an outfit on budget I hope these tips and tricks will help you get the look for half the price.

Til the next time,

Katia x

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