How to be confident in the way you dress?

Saturday, 30 January 2016

How to be confident in what you wear?

How to be confident in the way you dress?

So I'm a little but wacky some would say and I'm not really afraid of what to wear whether it be outlandish, bright or just I guess not something you might wear casually. I'm not one for jeans in fact I don't own a pair and quite frankly people find that odd in itself. But I don't care because why should I? But I haven't always been this way. I used to hate standing out from the crowd even though I always knew I did, I was never confident in myself and detested any colour that would give anyone the initiative to stare.

So does this give me the right to preach? Heck no. But it does give me a little bit of insight. Yes, indeed! In the last year of high school after suffering through five years of hell it finally clicked. It just didn't matter..So how did I make the change?

Take selfies everyday

This is a weird one I know, but it works. I have a confession - I don't like taking pictures of myself which is bizarre as I'm a blogger. So you would probably believe it would be my favourite pass times but it most definitely isn't. I take a picture of myself everyday as it gets me used to my face and my outfit. Getting used to yourself is the best way to feel more confident. You can take as many as you want until you get the right one and keep it. Remember how good you look, and it will stand you in good stead for the day.

If you love it- wear it
I have read a numerous articles about confidence in the way you dress and overall self confidence and I find it annoying every article says 'dress appropriately and for your shape'. Yes wearing certain shapes,colours etc can be more flattering on certain body types. WE ALL KNOW THAT! But if you love an item of clothing or a style why do you need to be restricted to wearing it if you are a certain size?

Start off slow
It isn't easy guys, don't jump in for the most extravagant outfit just yet. Start off with an item of clothing you wouldn't usually wear and go out with friends, school, college, work whatever. Wear it somewhere a couple of people will see you and move up.

Compliment someone
Weirdly enough if you give someone a genuine compliment you will often receive a truthful compliment back. Something they were thinking but didn't say, you don't need others validation but if you get into the habit of complimenting someone it beams your own confidence to notice traits about others and often next time you won't be the one initiating the compliment.

Get a niche - expand your wardrobe

This one worked for me. I wasn't quite sure whether to include it though as it might not be applicable for everyone. For instance I love vintage fashion and colour so I began expanding my wardrobe to a niche style I
1. Adored

2. Could feel confident in
Referring back to the 'if you love it' point - often we all have a niche style we love whether it be casual,sporty,chic or anything. Wearing a particular style might make you feel more confident and if you keep wearing that particular style people associate it with you and it no longer becomes strange or eye glaring worthy, I wear so much colour for college now I don't even get a second glance it's become the norm!

You look beautiful 

In today's society not enough people probably tell you that right? But do you know what? A lot of people think it. The first step to believing you look good is to ignore what you've been taught and what confidence is supposed to feel like. Walk in with pride because you are beautiful and I know you can do it!

This post was inspired by a question I got asked not too long ago, I hope I answered the question effectively and hopefully helped a couple of people out.

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  1. Haha. I also do not like taking selfies unless someone else is in the photo, but more for the sake that I feel silly doing that. I wanted to stop by and tell you you're naturally really pretty and have gorgeous eyes, but thought your blog post was nice. I think being kind and complimenting others is something that all people should do, too. It's something I try to do regularly. Lift people up and not knock them down. :)


    1. Thank You so much that's incredibly sweet! Lifting someone up is the best thing we can do for each other! Checked out your blog you have lovely style and I've followed your bloglovin :)