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Saturday, 30 January 2016

How to be confident in the way you dress?

How to be confident in what you wear?

How to be confident in the way you dress?

So I'm a little but wacky some would say and I'm not really afraid of what to wear whether it be outlandish, bright or just I guess not something you might wear casually. I'm not one for jeans in fact I don't own a pair and quite frankly people find that odd in itself. But I don't care because why should I? But I haven't always been this way. I used to hate standing out from the crowd even though I always knew I did, I was never confident in myself and detested any colour that would give anyone the initiative to stare.

So does this give me the right to preach? Heck no. But it does give me a little bit of insight. Yes, indeed! In the last year of high school after suffering through five years of hell it finally clicked. It just didn't matter..So how did I make the change?

Take selfies everyday

This is a weird one I know, but it works. I have a confession - I don't like taking pictures of myself which is bizarre as I'm a blogger. So you would probably believe it would be my favourite pass times but it most definitely isn't. I take a picture of myself everyday as it gets me used to my face and my outfit. Getting used to yourself is the best way to feel more confident. You can take as many as you want until you get the right one and keep it. Remember how good you look, and it will stand you in good stead for the day.

If you love it- wear it
I have read a numerous articles about confidence in the way you dress and overall self confidence and I find it annoying every article says 'dress appropriately and for your shape'. Yes wearing certain shapes,colours etc can be more flattering on certain body types. WE ALL KNOW THAT! But if you love an item of clothing or a style why do you need to be restricted to wearing it if you are a certain size?

Start off slow
It isn't easy guys, don't jump in for the most extravagant outfit just yet. Start off with an item of clothing you wouldn't usually wear and go out with friends, school, college, work whatever. Wear it somewhere a couple of people will see you and move up.

Compliment someone
Weirdly enough if you give someone a genuine compliment you will often receive a truthful compliment back. Something they were thinking but didn't say, you don't need others validation but if you get into the habit of complimenting someone it beams your own confidence to notice traits about others and often next time you won't be the one initiating the compliment.

Get a niche - expand your wardrobe

This one worked for me. I wasn't quite sure whether to include it though as it might not be applicable for everyone. For instance I love vintage fashion and colour so I began expanding my wardrobe to a niche style I
1. Adored

2. Could feel confident in
Referring back to the 'if you love it' point - often we all have a niche style we love whether it be casual,sporty,chic or anything. Wearing a particular style might make you feel more confident and if you keep wearing that particular style people associate it with you and it no longer becomes strange or eye glaring worthy, I wear so much colour for college now I don't even get a second glance it's become the norm!

You look beautiful 

In today's society not enough people probably tell you that right? But do you know what? A lot of people think it. The first step to believing you look good is to ignore what you've been taught and what confidence is supposed to feel like. Walk in with pride because you are beautiful and I know you can do it!

This post was inspired by a question I got asked not too long ago, I hope I answered the question effectively and hopefully helped a couple of people out.

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Monday, 25 January 2016

Tips and tricks: How to shop Vintage? For those apprehensive! A HOW TO GUIDE:

  Tips and tricks: How to shop Vintage? For those apprehensive! It's not all bold wacky patterns! A HOW TO GUIDE:

Vintage shopping is one of those things you're either going to really love or loathe, for me it's hard to utter those words. How anyone couldn't enjoy the exhilarating feeling of a bargain and a colourful piece that I can guarantee no one will have, astounds me. Never the less.. I have dragged round friends who have not liked the experience complaining everything looks 'too retro'. What do you expect I muttered. However that got me thinking a lot of people like the idea of having clothes that no one has but don't necessarily like the bright patterns that I dearly adore. Therefore I did a bit of sleuthing, broke away from my wacky demeanor and tried to find an outfit for a cheap price that wouldn't be so out of sorts in today's high street fashions.

What I found? That vintage shopping for both tastes is incredibly simple, therefore I've complied a little how to guide of tips for those wanting to stand out a bit and for those who want a little bit different but not totally off the wall.
First thing dont panic! 
.A lot of these shops are going to look like a jumble sale! However if you bear with, you might find a gem. Unless it's a vintage boutique not a shop it might not always look so aesthetically pleasing. All are different! Once you've calmed down those nerves of 'heck it's colourful' or 'it looks like a dumping ground of clothes'. You can move on and find your pieces

Key pieces
Surprisingly black is one of the most seen colours in vintage shops, though it might not seem it at first. Black and cream are the most common colours to that were always statement pieces of every era, usually this colour is owning a whole wall of these items compared to just a rail in the highstreet. Usually skirts,jeans,tops ect will be grouped together but not always in the best order, colours are usually grouped together more.

Get there early: avoid weekends
Try and avoid weekends if you can, it will be the busiest time and alot of good stock will already be gone. If you try looking in the morning probably mid week you will find the most designer and good quality stock that has just come in. Tuesday is the day most stock flows in about mid day so getting there early the next day might keep you in good stead.

Sizing isn't the same 
Sizes have changed in the last 50 so years,in fact it changes regularly. Don't trust it! Try it on or if it looks smaller or bigger but says you're size it probably isn't. I am a UK Size 8 but can vary from a vintage size 6 up to a 12. I've found 1950s dresses are a lot more roomy at the bust but the waist is ridiculously small, whilst 1960s/1970s clothes are fine in my normal size. Trust me, ignore the label.

Desnigner is in regularly. 
Like I said before, it isn't always wacky 80's prints, a lot of designer brands can be found in vintage shops usually at less than half the price. I've found these items are not always displayed at the front as staff usually hide them a little wanting to bag them for themselves. If you route a little behind the rail or in between you will find more of the brands.


Despite retro not being for you, the highstreet brings it back regularly. 2015 saw the 70's style float back into our laps! Of course I was one to step onto the b bandwagon but could rest assure my 70's retro look was

1. Authentic AND

2. No one could replicate the look - how tired were you of seeing those button up denim skirts, I got the same style with contrasting patterns that no store stocked, and the best bit it was £8 compared to the hefty £42 in Topshop.

Vintage shops have sales

And by God when they do, they really do. Sales are more frequent in vintage shops than the high street as the surprisingly the stock flies of the shelf quite quickly. These sales are not just at big holiday times either. My local vintage heaven has a sale every month. Keeping up with their websites or social media is defiantly helpful! You can see when they have these sales more often and they will tell you when new stock has arrived.

Have I eased you into the idea? Are you going to be the next vintage convert... give it a try! What's the worst that could happen? An amazing deal? A lovely piece?

I hope you enjoyed this: How to beginner guide: You can find my social links below

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Friday, 22 January 2016

Tips and Tricks: How to buy on a budget without looking budget - For those thrifty fashionistas who want to look good!

Tips and Tricks: How to buy on a budget without looking budget  -  For those thrifty fashionistas who want to look good

 Sounds good right? Now there are a lot of misconceptions about bloggers especially fashion and beauty bloggers that we all get free stuff all the time, never buy our own clothes and when we do it's got to be couture, right? WRONG! Sure some of us get a lucky break from time to time and collab but seriously I'm as thrifty with my money as the next person. I'm a student which I am sure I don't need to stress makes you feel poor the majority of the time, and when payday finally comes it's the toss up between splurging or attempting to keep what little money that's left. By all means I'm no saint with money especially when it comes to fashion but I feel I have learnt some handy tips on how to get the best deals and discounts.

The rail no one ever advertises

In every shop there is a rail, yes I know there are many rails. But this particular rail is not marked as anything. This is your gold mine! Everything on this rail on the tags will either have a red, black or possibly coloured dot. This means the item is supposedly 'faulty' but my dear shoppers it is not faulty! Shops discount clothes they believe to be faulty this can be from a little dot of makeup to a button fallen off. Makeup can be removed, a button can be sewn on. This is not low quality shops who offer this. Topshop I've found is one of the main shops that do this I got a blouse that cost usually £40.00 to an amazing £3! It isn't just Topshop who offers this its literally every shop, it isn't labelled 'shocking prices over here!' so you will have to root around for this rail. Sometimes its near changing rooms other times in a corner of the shop. It usually look like a rail you think someone is sorting but in fact  it's your ticket to a thrifty but stylish wardrobe.

Second hand shopping in city centre's

Now we've all heard this before! I know they aren't the best place to shop I'm going to be honest they're drab and usually have lot of crap! But if you're crying out "I've been it was all old people stuff "- you were probably shopping in the town centre ones. If you compare a second hand shop in a town or city you WILL see the difference! The city ones have more stock, more brand and designer clothes and clothes that have never actually been worn. If you also shop in a more affluent area more designer bags,shoes,clothes etc will be in them.

Brand outlet voucher codes

You can usually find any sort of voucher code online and a lot can be used online and offline, now you may feel silly using them. Associating them with suburban mothers who want a good discount. but I think these women are on to something. From experience you can find voucher code up to 75% online.


Yes this might be cring-ey but there is a way around it. You know those annoying pop up boxes asking to talk to a member of staff on websites! USE THEM! Ask about a product talk to them then ask for a cheeky discount, It doesn't always work but the majority of the time it does.

So next time you have the dilemma of needing an outfit on budget I hope these tips and tricks will help you get the look for half the price.

Til the next time,

Katia x

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Asos coat ft 60's Go-Go boots


Quick little OOTD post today featuring this beautiful 60's style Asos coat, I managed to grab this cute little coat with out breaking the bank in the Asos sale. As you probably know by now anything that either is vintage or looks remotely vintage is my heaven. Therefore when I saw this little gem on their website I was jumping for joy. The print is a beautiful check on a solid light blue base, it has two quite big pockets on the front which I cant stress enough is so useful. Why companies don't put pockets on things I'll never know?

The coat is just about knee length on me and I think its a really good fit and shape, it's quite a bright colour but I'm one to stand out so if you are too it's a great investment.

My footwear are also in the 1960's style Go-go boots these are from La Redoute I paid full price for these but I think they're completely worth it. I haven't' seen this style anywhere on the highstreet in a smaller everyday heel so when I saw these I bought them straight away.

Tell me what you think of my 60's style? Also if any other decades you think I should replicate.

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Powder UK Scarf

 Hello! Today I've got a very exciting post in collaboration with Powder-UK, powder is a company who supplies accessories such as hats, scarves, gloves and broaches. Their SS16 scarf range is actually so delicate and beautiful. I selected the Colour riot print scarf . They have a huge selection of scarfs, and nearly all are available in a variety of colours, which is great for purchasing a lovely print scarf in a number of colours for different outfits.  
               This is the scarf - I absolutely adore the colours I think they re so interchangeable for a number of outfits, and pastel colours are one of my weakness's. I love the floral print and the mixture of pastel tones as the base of the scarf. This particular scarf has a retail price of £18.00 and is definitely worth the price this includes the scarf and complimentary gift packaging, the scarf is a lightweight material which is perfect for the upcoming season of spring.

Here are some up close pictures of the scarf- and how I've paired the look with an outfit

I definitely recommend checking out Powder's range and bagging yourself one of these statement accessories, especially if you're wardrobe is lacking in beautiful key pieces. They have just launched their new spring/summer range which you should definitely check out! Their social links are here if you would like to find out more: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Date night dresses - A Selection Of Evening Wear (Jan/feb 2016)

Hello! Yes I'm back it's currently exam week at college so inevitably Ive been focusing on that, however I'm here with another post! Today's post is all about date night dresses, not so long ago I made a post about formal events and prom dresses, a lot of you enjoyed my picks therefore I had a thought why not select some more for this month? Valentines day is coming up... yes it is. Whether you go in for it or not. So if you need a date night dress or just a dress to go out with the girls, why not try some of these.

I've attempted to select dresses at a range of different prices and colours, but it is just a matter of opinion.
 Lookbook store - Pink suede Mini dress 
 This pink suede is a really cute alternative to brown and beige plaguing the shops for the past couple of months.This dress is perfect for a causal look or an evening look, paired with brown chunky heels
and a small bag.

 Rare London - Military Bodycon Dress
The little black dress never goes out of fashion and this particular one takes a military twist, the buttons lining the front give the dress a slender look.

 Miss pap - Penelope red crochet skater dress
I really like the detail on this dress the crochet material and skater style echoes Valentines and the colour is a definite good choice for a night out.

 Floral print skater dress
Skater dresses have been deeply underrated since the era of tight fitting clubbing dresses. I love skater dresses they fit well, look chic and classy. This floral print is perfect for a evening dinner or more formal night

Self portrait - Natalia lace crepe dress
 This is probably the most expensive dress of the selection but self portrait has such good quality beautifully unique designs. This pastel pink crepe dress is a stunning piece to add to ones wardrobe.  

 Lookbook Store - White Lace neck dress 

This dress has a lovely lace illusion neck,if you want a demure piece that has sensational flair this is the dress for you. This dress would be perfect matched with blue strapped heels and a clutch. 

So what do you think? Any take your fancy, I hope you found this selection helpful I'd love to know what you thought. 

Til the next time,


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