On Wednesdays we wear pink

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Coat: miss selfridge 
Shoes : Matalan 

Pink! Yes I love it - after of years of loathing this colour as a child I have returned to my girly ways and rekindled a love for this colour! 

Winter is upon us meaning it's time to begin wrapping up in big coats and furs. 
This coat is perfect for winter with a fluffy fur collar and pastel pink palate. The buttons are really detailed and intricate. It actually has pockets (you wouldn't believe the amount of coats I have without pockets) I'm not sure why designers don't include pockets in everything?? 

The Boots are super comfy and are about 3 inches I got them way back at the start of summer ready for my trip to Japan. Block heels are an absolute saviour for people like me who can't walk in heels 😂
I've had an absolutely terrible week so far so I'm hoping that if channel more pastels and bright colours somehow my week will mimic the mood. 

Till the next time,


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